What, indeed, should Cadbury do about the calls to jihad?

This is what I wrote for our office blog earlier today:

PR Week has an interesting take on the ongoing Cadbury porcine DNA Issue that is being played out in Malaysia.

Describing the call by more than 20 Malay-Muslim groups in Malaysia for a jihad against Cadbury “surreal in its extremity” PR Week also described another surreal accompanying situation: the reluctance of PR peeps to comment on a crisis-like situation and display their know-how. The issue seems to be so sensitive in Malaysia that apparently many of the PR professionals there came to the conclusion that discretion is the better part of valour.

PR Week’s question of what should Cadbury do, however, is relevant. What should Cadbury do when the country’s Ministry of Health says it’s detected porcine DNA on at least two samples of its chocolate products,  20 Malay-Muslim groups are calling for a jihad and its getting a lot of flak on social media? Continue reading here

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  1. If you are not sure whether the food is halal or not, then avoid it. Simple as that. You’re not gonna starve to death avoiding certain food because they are doubtful. Why people like to blow things out of proportion, I will never know.


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