Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident? – Maverick Indonesia

An update of the Cadbury incident in Malaysia, at the Maverick blog. It appears that the Malaysian Ministry of Health may have been mistaken when they said that there was porcine DNA in Cadbury’s chocolate products.


Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident? – Maverick Indonesia

Could it be that our suspicions that the Malaysian Health Ministry had been wrong when they said that two samples of Cadbury Malaysia’s chocolates had contained porcine DNA?In our last posting we wondered why Cadbury had such a curious response to the Ministry’s findings:The curious part about Cadbury’s response is that they did not acknowledge whether the Ministry’s findings were correct; or at the very least whether it was consistent with Cadbury’s own findings and information. Once a Brand knows the batch number of a product it can easily track back to its suppliers and institute an inquiry into the contents of the product. This should take no more than two days by today’s standards.It now appears that Cadbury, either they read our posting, or came to the same conclusion has decided that it is better to come out with the fact that their own tests did not tally with the Health Ministry’s [continued..]

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