What to do when a head hunter comes into town

This is a post I wrote for our office blog and it tells of our reaction to a headhunter of an international PR network that has been trying to hunt some MavHeads.

What do you do if you’re running a Public Relations Consultancy in talent-starved Indonesia — and you learn that the chief regional headhunter of a multinational PR network coming to town next week – and suggesting your talents to meet up with her through LinkedIn?

You can, like the knights of yore and their ladies, lock up their assets in chastity belts and put the key on a lanyard close to your heart, or other parts of your anatomy.

Or you can keep very quiet and see who takes leave, or goes MIA for a few hours, on the days that the Headhunter is in town most of next week. That way you know who are the ones that are looking elsewhere.

Or more radically, you can let your whole office know and using this fact to educate them on how to use their LinkedIn accounts. If they have been contacted by Headhunter, they have tarted their LinkedIn profile well; if they haven’t they still need to work on their profiles – or put in more time before they are eligible to be poached.As usual Maverick has chosen the radical approach….read more here

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  1. yeah great pr blog this is, you cant even keep spammers off your own blog. and you have the temerity to give out advice on online and real world PR management.


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