The Look of Silence disrupted, doesn’t it make you now absolutely want to see the film?

When the thugs at Pemuda Pancasila, who used to be the Brownshirts of the Golkar Party but Unspun is not exactly sure who controls them now, want people not to watch a film, and try to disrupt its screening, then its a cue that you should definitely watch the film.

According to the Rappler story below, and the accompanying video, a religious wallah accompanied by uniformed Pemuda Pancasila flunkies stormed into the Warung Kelir in Malang to disrupt the screening of Senyap, by Jushua Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer, of course, is also the producer of The Act of Killing, a bizarre, absorbing and telling piece of filmmaking where he got the perpetrators of the 1965 millions to reenact their executions of putative Communists.

So you have your cue: when Senyap shows in a cinema or establishment near you go watch it.

The wRap Indonesia: Dec. 11, 2014.

Students gathered to watch the scheduled screening of Joshua Oppenheimer’s Senyap (The Look of Silence) at Warung Kelir in Malang on Wednesday, December 10 – one of 7 in the city and 500 across the country to mark Human Rights Day – were surprised when a group of men wearing Pemuda Pancasila (Indonesian paramilitary organization) uniforms arrived and demanded it be stopped. In the video above, posted by YouTube user Sasa Diana, the man in the white headscarf is heard saying, “Do you have a permit?” He looks for the organizers and asks the screening to be stopped. “My family were victims of communists. My father was jailed by the communist because he preached Islam to the people.” reported that the screening proceeded later on with military supervision.

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