The shameless lament of Rosmah

There used to be an old joke at the expense of Indonesians and it goes something like this:

Q: What’s the difference between corruption in Indonesia and elsewhere?

A: None, except that in Indonesia there is an absolute lack of sense of shame associated with the corruption

This still holds true in Indonesia, where Military Chiefs parade with watches tens of thousands of dollars, policemen have bank accounts so fat it would take several lifetimes for them to accumulate on their salaries and luxury beyond the means of many of public servants.

But to see this level of shamelessness in Malaysia is something else. It used to be that there was at least a bit of embarrassment because you know what you do is wrong, rather than get all defensive about it.

The behaviour exhibited by Rosmah, the Malaysian PM’s wife who is known for her expensive handbags and shopping sprees overseas, is really…disgusting.

Someone who can spend RM1,200 (Rp 4.3 juta) to dye her hair and complain about hardship? Puhleze. And what for? Black hair does nothing to distract the looker from the overly botoxed face…

Malaysian PM’s wife laments rising costs | TODAYonline

Malaysian PM’s wife laments rising costs

KUALA LUMPUR — The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will curb errant hairdressers and tailors from overpricing their wares, said the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak today (Feb 23), lamenting that she had to fork out RM1,200 (S$448.50) each time she had to dye her hair at home.

“It is really hard to make tailored clothes these days. Their prices come up to RM500, and I am speaking as a representative of a housewife that buys made-to-order clothes.

“We have to make beautiful clothes to attend functions, but the prices are way too high. For those who can afford, it’s alright.

“But what about housewives like us, with no income?” Madam Rosmah Mansor said during a briefing on the GST with other wives of ministers and deputy ministers (Bakti) in Petaling Jaya today.

Mdm Rosmah complained that the charges for hairdressers, tailors and make-up artists who make house calls were “really high” and “did not make sense”.

She said that housewives like herself, who had no choice but to use their services, often became victims and were burdened with exorbitant prices.

“Housewives, especially, often become the victims to such traders because there is no price control and guidelines by the government on house call services,” she said.

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