More rants about Generation E

More rants from me about Generation E job seekers that we are interviewing from jobs. God! Did our fathers’ generation think this way about us or is the new generation just too privileged and entitled?


Saying No to the almost perfect candidate


We’ve been interviewing many candidates for our consultancy lately and this week we came across a seemingly perfect candidate.

She was a communications major from one of the best schools in Indonesia. She had drive. She knew what she wanted. Unlike most in her generation, she was also knowledgeable in socio-political issues and she had idealism and passion. She even researched us and read all our blogs. Yet we turned her down and here’s the reason why.

When the interview conversation got to what she saw herself doing over the next two to three years, she had it all planned out: “I want to get two years job experience and then I want to go for my masters. After that I want to be a special staff in the government.”

That’s all fine for you, I replied. You get to chalk down that you have two years experience and that would put you on a good platform to get to go to a good graduate school. But what about us the employer? What do we get out of it.

She was a bit stymied and replied something along the lines of how we’ll get a hard-working, quick learning employee bla…bla…

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