The Great LGBT scare

This is what I wrote in our office blog about our experience of hiring LGBT people, as opposed to the bigoted views of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Muhammad Nasir who has called for a ban of LGBT peeps on campus.


We’ve hired LGBTs, and guess what? They didn’t erode our standards and morals!

The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Muhammad Nasir has said made himself and the Indonesian government a laughing stock by saying that LGBT students should be banned from university. His reasoning is that “There are standard values and moral standards to be maintained. The campus is a moral guardian.”



Baloney. If we are to talk about moral standards, who you have intimate relations with is less worrying about who you cheat and bully and condescend. Sure there are LGBT on campuses as they are everywhere. Most of the time they do their thing and leave you to do yours. That’s much better than others, like evangelical religionists who try to push their religion onto others, or lecturers and students with dubious integrity who lie, cheat or bully others. If there should be any morality that the campus should be guardian of it should be against those morals, not the sexual orientation and preference of individuals. [Read more]



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