Wassup and whaddayathink?

Been told that I’d be sharing the same stage with these YouTubers in a talk next week.

Watching their videos makes me feel like a dinosaur. Take, for this instance, this video they made with the President of Indonesia. The President!

It works for them but I’m not so sure whether it works for Jokowi who, to my ancient eyes looks like turning in a performance with the grace of Dad Dancing in a college party.

What would you advice Jokowi if you were his image advisor. Do more so he can connect more with the younger Indonesians? Or be more selective in an effort to retain the dignity of the Office?



One thought on “Wassup and whaddayathink?

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  1. Wow… I’m amazed to see that The President is willing to be featured in SkinnyIndonesiax24 channel! Hats off to Pak Jokowi. I’m torn between the two options. I think it’s great for the President to connect with young Indonesians, but he (to me) should retain the dignity of his title, office, and this country. This video is quite proper, but I wished those two YouTubers shows a bit more respect. It may, of course, risking them to eliminate their own “brand character” if I may say so. I guess bridging between generations is indeed not an easy task to do.


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