My Republic broadband sucks for me. What’s your experience like?

I few months ago we switched from Play Media as a broadband provider because their service sucked – the speeds got slower and there was no good follow-up customer service.

We switched to My Republic because a friend had said that their speeds were rather good. What we found was worse. Not only did the speeds not live up to that advertised. To make things worse not only were the speeds slow

The My Republic/Sinar Was promise: 300Mbps. Weeeeee!

The reality: Not even 2% of the promise where downloads are concerned. Let’s not even talk about the uploads.

the entire connection continuously broke down and the internet connection was sporadic.

We complained on 27th May and was sent he standard line that they’d check the system and get back to us within 1X24 house, and if there was anything wrong, they’d send their technicians to sole the problem in 3X24 hours. Then silence in the 1X24 hours and 3X24 hours period and beyond.

We complained to My Republic again on June 1 and the same thing happened.

So we called again today and we get the same stock answers. This time I put my foot down and asked to speak to the supervisor. After some waiting I spoke to Henny Sahaja (because she won’t give me her full name). She said they needed to forward the complaint to the technical side, who would then inform me in 1X24 hours…

What is it with huge conglomerates like Sinar Mas who, just because they have the money and the know-who, think they can branch into a profitable service industry and make a success of it? They can’t get the infrastructure right, they can’t get the simple customer service right…and the only thing keeping them in business is that they have been around for a long time, have the right connections and the market is so protected against the entry of kick-ass multinational broadband providers.

What I can’t get is whether these people running such sham services have no sense of pride or shame, that they could do such a bad job at there any use bringing into the attention of My Republic outside Indonesia? They didn’t respond to tweets in the past.

So, anyone out there know a reliable, good broadband providers?






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  1. They are all the same. I’ve tried First Media, Indovision and MyRepublic. I’m now on MyRepublic and speeds can vary depending on the time.

    Customer Service? They don’t know what it is. They all need training in Dispute Resolution. Most times when I have a complaint I need to speak to a Supervisor as the Customer Service personnel who answers the phone is not knowledgeable and just give out their standard answers.

    I always have to show my anger before they pass me on to a Supervisor.


  2. I have had a similar experience with My Republic recently in Jakarta. They advertise 50 gig speed (rubish, not even close) that only exists between the user and the company server. We had the service team over to visit and although they were very polite, they didn’t even seem to know that there was anything wrong with the speed. I showed them using a VPN that there is a big difference between the speed to their office servers and the rest of the world (WWW).

    I have pretty good service at my location in Bali using Indihome (Telcomcell). I will switch over and try their service at this location in Jakarta.

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