On Whining palm oil bosses

This is what I wrote for the Palm Scribe about the defensive palm oil bosses in Malaysia when it comes to NGOs


Palm Oil Bosses and ‘toxic’ NGOs: Goliath whining about David – The Palm Scribe

I always find it laughable when corporations blame the bad publicity they receive on “black campaigns” waged by their rivals. It is laughable because most of the time the bad publicity they receive is a reflection of their dismal inability to communicate well. Yet rather than to hold up a mirror and undertake to do things better, they take the easy and escapist way out by blaming others. Major players in the palm oil industry fall in the same category of inept and defensive corporations. This is especially so in Malaysia where corporations and institutions have not had to contend in a free marketplace of ideas where the media is concerned, because the media is so tame and controlled in that country. It was therefore unsurprising to read the story below headlined: “Malaysian Palm oil bosses urge action against ‘toxic’ environment groups’Click here to read more

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