Investment-hungry Indonesia must fight corporate locusts

Budi Widianarko, a professor at Soegijopranata Catholic University, Semarang, and a member of The Water Dialogs, a London-based Global Multistakeholder Dialog on Water and the Private Sector responded to my 24 March Oped with this piece on 3 April, 2006. He's very gracious and right – lots of the mining companies are locusts. But, at […]

Stopping political elite from meddling in mining

I wrote this for the Jakarta Post on 24 March 2006. Some foreign journalists were ribbing me for not naming the political elites behind the demonstrations against foreign companies. My reply was that I write opinion, they report and if they were good at reporting they would have named the political elite. Kudos to the […]


This was published as an opinion piece in the Jakarta Post on 3 July 2003 Restrictions and pressures from the TNI over reporting in Aceh, libel suits from businessmen like Tomy Winata against Tempo weekly, Texmaco boss Marimutu Sinivasan against Tempo and Kompas daily, as well as politicians Akbar Tandjung and President Megawati Soekarnoputri against […]

The Mega metamorphosis is great but rather late

This is an opinion piece I wrote for The Jakarta Post on September 16, 2004 There has been a fundamental shift in how President Megawati Soekarnoputri communicates. The Megawati we saw during Tuesday night's presidential "dialog" was definitely a different one from the Megawati in the first round of presidential dialogs weeks ago. Mega watchers […]