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Show me the money


Unspun will bitch slap the next idiot who laments that Indonesia is a poor country. Reason?

The recently released State of the World Wealth Report 2007 released by Capgemini and Merill Lynch says Indonesia has the third highest growth in High Net Worth Individuals (that means rich people, in simple English).

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Asia-Pacific’s growth rate of 8.6% resulted
in a HNWI population of 2.6 million. Here HNWI wealth was exceptionally strong,
especially in China and India where real GDP gains of 10.5 and 8.8 percent, respectively,
fueled growth.

Singapore (21.2%), India (20.5%), Indonesia (16.0%) and Russia (15.5%) witnessed
the highest growth in HNWI populations.

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Now Everyone Can Fry Air Asia

If you, as Unspun has from time to time, been frustrated with Air Asia’s service – or lack of it – you could blog about it. But it would be only one voice in the blog wilderness. Besides the chore of setting up a blog and maintaining it is too much for most people.


Now, Unspun does not know how much torture AirAsia inflicted on this victim but it must be substantial, at least Abu Ghraib standards, that Rich, who goes by the nom de plume of A. Horribilis, has started a blog Fly Air Asia? Not Me dedicated to exposing the foibles of the low-cost and oftentimes cheap airline.

If all goes well the blog could become Vent Central for victims passengers who feel that they have been shoddily treated by Tony Fernandez and Co. Wonder what their PR response would be, monitor the blog and proactively engage the writer and commentators? Or go into denial and ignore the existence of the blog? Unspun thinks they should take the former course but  most likely they’ll take the latter, especially when the airline is of Malaysian origing and the country’s corporations are notoriously PR agnostic.

Whatever it is, Now Everyone can Fry Air Asia with convenience, easy access and have support from like minded pissed-off passengers. Happy venting!

Pesta Blogger doubles number of participants

It is nine more days to Pesta Blogger 2007 at Blitz Megaplex and the Indonesian blogosphere is buzzing with anticipation.Response for the gathering, Indonesia’s first national gathering of bloggers, has been so overwhelming that the Steering Committee is now planning for double the number of participants from its original plan of 200.

According to Steering Committee Chairman Enda Nasution bloggers from cities other than Jakarta are planning to send teams to the gathering. So far the 100 free places have been snapped up and is oversubscribed by more than 3 times – 358 applications, to be exact.Some bloggers, such as Aristanto and Thomas Arie Setiawan are just chuffed that they’ve received their passes to go to Pesta Blogger.

With the extra capacity of Blitz, the Steering Committee is now allocating about 200 places for representatives of blogging communities from the provinces, 50 places for the media, 30 places for sponsors(XL Business Solutions, Microsoft and Nokia), media partners (Jakarta Post, Koran Tempo and Kompas Cyber Media), well wishers and contributors, as well as another 15 spaces for group discussion leaders.

In an attempt to prevent disappointment from turned away bloggers at the door, the Committee is also allocating 100 places for those who show up on the day but who have not been registered. They can come in by paying Rp 100,000 to cover the costs of food and venue.

Word is that foreign media is also interested in attending. They include Global Voices‘ Preetam Rai and Angilee Shah, the former editor of Asia Media /UCLA have said they would attend.

The Pesta Blogger now looks to be shaping up to be a much bigger event that most of us thought it would be, thanks to the sponsors and partners, as well as all those who chipped in to help.

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Kapasitas Peserta Bertambah 2 Kali Lipat

Ternyata antusiasme para bloggers untuk menghadiri acara Pesta Blogger 2007 tahun ini cukup membludak )

Berikut beberapa perkembangan terbaru seputar Pesta Blogger 2007:


Hingga saat ini, telah ada 358 pendaftar yang mendaftarkan diri lewat situs resmi—walaupun hanya 100 pendaftar pertama saja yang bisa mendapatkan free pass, alias mengikuti acara ini secara gratis.

Selain peserta yang mendaftarkan diri secara langsung, terdapat pula 200 peserta yang diundang oleh Panitia, terdiri dari para pembicara, bloggers terkemuka Indonesia, serta tentu saja; yang paling signifikan adalah perwakilan dari komunitas-komunitas bloggers di daerah serta komunitas blog lainnya yang ada di Indonesia.

Minat yang membludak dari para bloggers dan komunitas bloggers ini membuat kapasitas undangan yang awalnya hanya dibuka untuk 100 orang naik 2 kali lipat, menjadi 200 orang.

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Expertitis rears ugly head (again) at Post

You know its the silly season when newspapers write about how deserted the roads are in Jakarta — because there is nothing else happening. It is a time when reporters get desperate, copy editors get indolent and let slip the standards that go toward a good paper.

The torpor must have got to the Post’s editors and reporters in the story below. Once again we have a story brimming with “experts “. Why are they experts? It appears that they are some sort of lecturer or media slut in an institution of learning, but the readers are usually not given their designations. Why, oh why, can the Post not learn tht readers can decide for themselves who’s an expert if they attribute the titles and designations of the paper’s sources properly?

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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s three years in office have yielded only mediocre results in the fields of the economy, public service and law enforcement, political experts say. Boni Hargens of the University of Indonesia said Yudhoyono’s only real success had been in maintaining stability.
Indria Samego of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences said there had been a decline in public services dealing with people’s welfare during Yudhoyono’s administration.
A legal expert from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Denny Indrayana, said that although law enforcement under Yudhoyono was better than in previous presidencies, there were still problems.

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Hit the road, Jak

With most residents out of Jakarta for the Idul Fitri holidays, you’d think that the city authorities would use the opportunity to complete the busway. Construction of the busway has been the bane of Jakarta motorists as they considerably narrow the roads causing massive traffic jams.But instead of completing the construction during the holidays, the workers have also been given leave to go back to their villages because, says the city’s public works agency, Wisnu Subagya Yusuf, they have rights to holidays too.Jakarta traffic on a normal day

Fuzzy thinking here. The customary practice is to offer premium wages to workers who volunteer to work during holidays. It is fair exchange of premium time with premium wages. Nothing to do with deprivation of rights.

But because the city authorities are limited by their intellectual capacity for democratic notions we now will face massive traffic jams next week as everyone – including the construction workers – trickle back to the Big Durian after the holidays.

Shit-for-brains tag to the city’s fathers here.

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Busway construction halted for holiday
The Jakarta Post, JakartaWhen Jakartans return to work next week from the long Idul Fitri holiday, they will find the city’s streets as chaotic as ever as the administration moves forward with the construction of new busway corridors.

Work on the three new corridors will restart this Thursday, after being stopped since Oct. 10 for the holiday.

The project was halted so the construction workers could celebrate the holiday. The workers have been on leave since Oct. 10, or two days before the official holiday began.

“They deserve holiday, too,” the head of the city’s public works agency, Wisnu Subagya Yusuf, said Monday.

He said like officials in the agency and in other city offices, construction workers had the right to travel to their hometowns and celebrate Idul Fitri.

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Indonesia’s big cover up job

This came in the mail yesterday. We now have a national Condom Week. Unspun wants to know how does one “celebrate condoms”? An honorable mention in a post to the reader with the most imaginative answer in the comments section.ncw-07-logo.jpg

The Indonesian Government through BKKBN & KPA (National Aids Commission) has announced National Condom Week Indonesia as part of the World Aids Day activities from December 1 to 8, 2007.  DKT Indonesia, an International NGO working in the field of Social Marketing, has been appointed as part of the organizing committee to help promote National Condom Week.

The main goals of the campaign are to:

Celebrate Condoms
Ensure Safe Sex: Abstinence, Be Faithful, and Condom Use (ABC)
Decrease HIV & AIDS
Educate and Empower

We invite and encourage everyone to participate and support this campaign through your own organization and networks.

Bolehland shenanigans: Making out in a car can be bad for your health

One of Unspun‘s contacts  sent me this Associated Press report which, one supposes, contains a caution against the health perils of making out in a car. Only in Bolehland can such things happen.

Amorous Muslim couple try
to flee law, cause five-car pile up

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct. 17 (AP) – A young Muslim couple tried to
speed off when Malaysian police caught them making out in their
car but got into an accident, causing a five-car pile up, a
report said Wednesday.

A police patrol car spotted the couple locked in an intimate
embrace late Monday in their car parked at a hypermarket in Muar
town in southern Johor state, The Star newspaper said.

As the patrol car neared them, the couple sped out of the car
park onto a main road and collided with a passing car, causing
three other vehicles to crash, the report said.

The unidentified couple, both in their 20s, have been detained
and the man has been booked for reckless driving, it said.

Muar traffic police officer Lim Aik Sin told the daily that the
couple have been referred to the district Islamic religious
department. (more…)