Roy the Boy now a minister

Its amazing where chutzpah can get you these days in Indonesia. We are told bu the newspapers today that Roy Suryo, a self-professed telemathics expert has now been appointed by President Susily Bambang Yudhoho to be the new Sports Minister to replace disgraced Andi Mallarengeng. Unspun’s theory is that Roy was chosen to fill in […]

BMW Used During Minister’s Son Car Accident Not Listed in Wealth Report | The Jakarta Globe

Several thoughts arise from this case: 1. Will anything ever come from the allegation that Chief Economics Minister concealed ownership of his son’s BMW in his wealth report. The way things go in Indonesia this act, which can lead to impeachment in other countries, woudl blow over. 2. Are the Indonesian Police always so understanding […]

Accountability reporting

Journalists, especially foreign ones are funny creatures. Often you can hear them decry the low level of English being used in their local host countries. Redundancies are one of the biggest sins. Yet when these journalists are forced into roles of responsibility beyond their usual journalistic duties they seem to revert, like all of us […]

A shockingly unhealthy revelation

The question that needs to be asked here is: Why is the Indonesian Health Minister shocked by the UN World Aids Day Report that documented the country’s dismal success rate (or high failure rate) in HIV prevention over the past decade. Why was the minister shocked over something that has been happening over the past […]

What is the end game for all social media investments?

Unspun was conducting a social media workshop recently when the topic settled on KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. The answer was simple but I could tell it was unsatisfying to the audience: it depends. The audience wanted definite answers to tell them when they were getting their money’s worth if they poured money and resources […]

The deed no self respecting FPI preman would do

Isn’t it so comforting to see justice being administered so swiftly and decisively in Indonesia. Justice, which moves so slowly and timidly when FPI guys are on the giving end, apparently speeds up when the violence goes another way. Unspun is not so much perplexed by the seemingly uneven-handedness of the law in Indonesia, which […]

Solving the wrong problem precisely with proposal to convert Shiites

This is a typical case of what Mitroff and Silvers discuss in their book Dirty Rotten Strategies: How We Trick Ourselves and Others into Solving the Wrong Problems Precisely. Unspun┬áhas a more precise tag for this kind of thinking which is in my tag: shot-for brains. The root causes of the persecution of the Shiites […]

The boy was wrong, the busdriver should not be blamed

What nonsense the debate over whether the bus driver was speeding or the boy was in the wrong. The boy was in a lane dedicated for busses and where no other traffic is allowed, lest something like this happens. Yet the police and others would pontificate over who’s wrong. The question should be what’s wrong […]