Malaysia moving into command-and-control mode

The Malaysian leadership does this every time they are under seige: Try to control the media, and hence what they think are the means of information to the rakyat. In the past it’s worked before. Through legislation, intimidation, patronage and licensing laws the Malaysian leadership managed to control the media time and again whenever it […]

Indonesia’s first corporate blogs?

My colleague Yasha has posted some interesting information (What’s a corporate blog?) at Maverick Indonesia about what could be Indonesia’s first corporate blogs. Apparently Nukman Lutfie, writing in Blog Internet Marketing Indonesia have identified at least three companies with corporate blogs: the “well-known PR consultancy Maverick” (thanks Nukman), Virus Communications or self-styled marketing guru Hermawan […]

Thanks to A. Fatih Syuhud for his “award” to unspun

Blogger Indonesia, aka A. Fatih Syuhud, has probably done more than anyone I know to encourage people in Indonesia to blog in English so that they may be windows through which the World could see Indonesia as a multifaceted country. So it is with some honor that yours truly has been named Blogger of the […]

The KPK’s shock and awe TV commercial

The Corruption Eradication Commission has replied to Jakarta Post Reader Nyoman Suwela’s letter criticizing its commercial (see earlier posting Why some campaigns have no brains) In a letter to the editor in the Post, the Commission issued the standard pabalum (thank you for your feedback…thus we thank you for your input and support) and said […]

There are no personal views when you’re a public figure

When, oh when, will people realize that when you’re a public figure or someone senior in an organization, you cannot express your views and then disclaim it as a personal opinion? It is a common practice though, but one which makes no sense. In today’s Jakarta Post, for instance, Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono writes an […]

Why some campaigns have no brains

Jakarta Post reader Nyoman Suwela wrote a letter to the editor that was published on June 14. He was complaining about an antigraft television commercial (see Antigraft campaign has no brain) that made no sense, and was, in fact, nonsense. I finally got round to seeing the commercial and couldn’t agree with him more. It […]

The Defense Minister’s Blog: Has the conversation started?

In an earlier posting, I wrote about how Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono became the first Indonesian Minister to blog. One of his postings takes on the Human Rights Watch’s report Too High a Price: The Human Rights Cost of the Indonesian Military’s Economic Activities. The posting attracted quite some attention from Shel Israel of Naked […]

Juwono’s Defense Blog attracting interest

It seems that Juwono’s defense blog that I wrote about in an earlier posting and later carried as an article in The Jakarta Post, is attracting some interest, among them Naked Conversations‘ co-author Shel Israel, The Private Sector Development Blog which is part of the World Bank, and the loose Wire Blog by Jeremy Wagstaff. […]

The Mahathir-Badawi broughaha, from a distance

Malaysian blogger and old friend Rocky of Rocky’s Bru has posted a comment on this blog saying he likes the new look (thanks) and what are my thoughts, as a fomer Malaysian journalist, on the political broughaha between Mahathir and Badawi. Well Rocky, I think if you’re not living in the country it all looks […]

Martin Sorrell on connectivity and blogs

Still doubtful that blogs will amount to anything in communications? Here’s what WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell has to say about blogs in the latest issue of Fortune. (WPP is one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world). I like what he says, particularly about how difficult it is for older people to […]