Sony’s The Interview saga: What a difference a pro makes

Here’s a piece I wrote in Maverick’s blog today: Sony’s The Interview saga: What a difference a pro makes You know the story by now. Sony was supposed to release the movie The Interview, a satire of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un over the Christmas holidays. But following a cyber attack, almost certainly by North […]

Insulting Islam or taking the piss out of ISIS?

One thing about Indonesia is that it always surprises. Just when all of us thought that the Jokowi Government would user in a even more liberal regime that would value freedom of expression, comes news that the Police have indicted the Jakarta Post’s chief editor for insulting Islam. The Post had carried a cartoon, demonstrated […]

Dramatic reversal of perception over JIS sexual assault case

How the worm turns. It now appears – from the news story below – that the Police, according to the Commission on Missing Persons and the Victims of Violence (Kontras), may have coerced a confession from the janitors at the Jakarta International School that they had sexually abused a student. Not only that but a […]

A sorry apology over the “opportunity” arising from Robin Williams’ death

This is a timely reminder for all of us in the communications industry not to get carried away by our literary abilities and thought leadership skills, to the extent that we become insensitive on matters that matter to people most. A mistake has been made, an apology issued but I wonder what PR professionals would make of the Twitter […]

What, indeed, should Cadbury do about the calls to jihad?

This is what I wrote for our office blog earlier today: PR Week has an interesting take on the ongoing Cadbury porcine DNA Issue that is being played out in Malaysia. Describing the call by more than 20 Malay-Muslim groups in Malaysia for a jihad against Cadbury “surreal in its extremity” PR Week also described […]

Crisis management or communications?

This is something I wrote for our company blog that discusses the difference between crisis management and crisis communications, based on a Straits Times article today that most PR firms carry out crisis management on an ad hoc basis: The delicate art of differentiating between crisis management and crisis communications Crisis management or crisis communications? […]

Najib Razak’s lessons on spinning about MH370

Though he said nothing new it is nonetheless interesting to dissect Malaysian Prime Minister’s messaging strategy over the MH370. As we all know, the Malaysian government has been roundly criticised for their handling of the search and rescue operation of MH370. Najib’s response, in this instance by proactively offering an op-ed piece to the Wall […]

Criticism against the Malaysian Government on MH370: Warranted or unfair?

If, like many people and Unspun, you find yourself transfixed by the unfolding drama of the search for MH 370, you are likely to see several threads of opinion surface regarding the performance of the Malaysian Government, helmed by Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. On one end of the spectrum is the […]

Something to like: Friends of Captain Zaharie MH370 Facebook page

If you are family or friend of Captain Zaharie, the pilot of MH370 that went missing more than 10 days ago and feel that much of what is being said about him was unfair, careless or plain sensationalism, what would you do? You could face the media but that would be a huge strain. The […]

What the IGP-DCA discord does to Malaysia’s image as world waits for news of MH370

One sure way of losing the confidence of the public during a crisis-like situation is when principal players and agencies in the government contradict each other. They may have very good reasons for believing what they believe but to the public that doesn’t matter. Whether you head the Police or the Department of Civil Aviation […]