Pribumis, Bumiputras and the politics of race

Let’s be honest: when the word Pribumi is used, it is code for anti-Chinese. This is the same in Malaysia where the word Bumiputra is used to mean anti-Chinese. The parallels do not stop there. The champions of the the racial ideology – Anies Baswedan in the case of the Pribumis and Mahathir Mohamad in […]

Jokowi’s lost the plot: time to seek professional help

Unspun was one of those people rooting for Jokowi when he was contesting against Prabowo in the presidential elections. Not because he was the best of candidates but he was the better candidate in terms of integrity. That alone held out hope that he might be able to change Indonesia, because for sure a figure like […]

Are good intentions harming Indonesia in the new Cicak-Buaya episode?

Five year from now when Indonesians look back at this moment in the nation’s history what conclusions would they draw? What seems to suggest itself is that the Police-KPK issue is likely to be perceived as  watershed moment. On one extreme is a scenario depicting the last gasp of the Lords of Corruption and the Old […]

Najib and the PSYchology of BN persuasion

Unspun mudik-ed to his kampung in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year and was tickled pink by the desperate efforts of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s attempt to shore up his support among the Chinese community for the upcoming national elections that must be held  in the first half of this year. The […]

Watch the watches

Unspun some time ago marveled at the timepiece, that looked like a Richard Mille, worn by then Police Chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri when he was denying corruption charges against the police. Time passed (you can see the puns coming in this posting, can’t you?) and recently Indonesia’s lawmakers were taken to task for their sporting of […]

Who shall cast the first (subsequent) stone at the lavish and ostentatious legislators?

Before any of us cast the first subsequent stones, deservedly, at the parliamentarians, it is perhaps wise for us to ask what role we in Indonesian society play in condoning and encouraging such ostentatious and shameless displays of (often ill gotten) wealth. Do we, as a society, shun them or at least avoid them at […]

The desperation behind move to abolish Malaysia’s Press Law

Unspun’s alter ego had his five micro-seconds of fame in the Malaysian newspaper The Star this morning. And since Unspun’s an advocate that bloggers mainly put a context to news items let me put the context on the news item below. The Printing Presses and Publications Act in Malaysia is a law that successive Malaysian […]

Justice goofed is justice denied

The Keystone Cops couldn’t do any better. The Indonesian Justice Minister, according to The Jakarta Globe story below,  wants to nab Nazaruddin, but he doesn’t want him to know about it and refuses to divulge where they think Nazaruddin is. And then he tells the national press that when team will be leaving? Now let […]