Beware the normalization of floods by Anies Baswedan

Normal is when something happens often, becomes predictable and loses the power to shock, anger and spur people into action. The biggest danger that Jakartans face is the normalization of the widespread floods which is happening so often lately, I think about seven this year so far. Each time time it floods the same things... Continue Reading →

Crisis Management Observers: Watch how Pertamina manages the Balikpapan oil spill

So far so bad. The company for four days ruled out the possibility that it was responsible for the oil spill. It only admitted late yesterday that a raptured undersea pipe belonging to the company caused the oil spill that caused the deaths of several fishermen when part of the spill caught fire. To jump... Continue Reading →

Walhi scores court victory in Aceh

Something for issues managers to watch out for: Walhi's success in getting the Medan District Court to revoke a business permit by an oil company to mine in a peatland. Unfortunately, the story does not say whether there are other similar cases, make it difficult to ascertain whether such favorable decisions for environmentalists is part... Continue Reading →

Jakarta at 484 – alright if you have escorts through the traffic

Yeah, if you expect a 484-year old to be stricken with arthritis, osteoporosis and other ills of old age. The fact is that Jakarta is quite dysfunctional and quite unnecessarily so many-a-time. Take, for example, traffic. Sure there are more cars than there are roads but the cause of much congestion and traffic jams often... Continue Reading →

WALHI slutting around with Islamic groups?

Reader Remondo11 keeps posting comments in this blog protesting that Unspun has been unfair to WALHI. He says WALHI is chaste and does not sleep with shady religious groups with questionable  links to extremists. Yet in the posting below Newmont Indonesia boss Rick Ness seems to have some rather solid proof that WALHI might be... Continue Reading →

Advertorialize your way into hearts and minds?

Unspun has never figured out why people think that advertorials convince anyone. Advertorials are essentially paid advertisements disguised as editorial content. You paid for it so you write what you want on it. Or pay professionals to write for you. Of course, since you paid, what gets written is positive for you and never negative.... Continue Reading →

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