Plumbing the depths with Eiger

I love the Eiger outdoor brand. Their products are affordable and often of good quality. A sandal I bought has lasted me years and looks like it will continue for at least another year or two. Damn comfortable too.

But good as they are in making outdoor gear they apparently suck at customer relations. Here’s what happened:

On 28th January, competitor outdoor gear brand Arei’s issued a letter inviting Netizens to review its products.

Arei’s invite sounded very inclusive and cool. Reviewers could use any method, any camera, any theme or in any location they liked to do these reviews.

Eiger must have thought it could do the same but when netizens began reviewing their products and uploading them on YouTube – and the reviews weren’t flattering – Eiger’s Legal General Manager began to get antsy.

He started sending nasty letters to the reviewers. They began with a faux politesse of “Firstly, we thank you for uploading a review of our product on your YouTube channel…” then quickly drew out the stiletto.

Instead of explaining in a rationale manner whether the review was fair to Eiger, it instead criticized the video’s quality, specifically the angle it shoes to show their products in an unflattering manner.

The Eiger Legal Manager also was an audiophile. Complaining that the sound quality was bad to make it quite inaudible and lastly, he criticized the suitability of the location of the shoot.

With that, the manager hoped that the YouTuber would take down that posting and, a bitchy parting shot: “We hope you will become a better Youtuber in [shooting] review videos.”

That’s a shot in their own foot by any measure but that’s not all. When news of that came out on social media it, of course, went viral and Eiger became a trending topic.

Eiger’s troubles did not end there. It turns out that the manager had sent out at least identical letters to two other YouTubers.

That makes it at least three shots to two legs. How many shots the manager had fired nobody really knows.

Netizens have a habit of digging up interesting information about foot shooters and one of them dug up a poster of the manager giving a talk.

The topic: How to Implement Agile Human Capital in Transition and Shifting Era. Oh irony of ironies.

Makes you wonder the caliber of people invited to give talks these days. And what possessed Eiger to entrust its communications function to a legal person instead of a communications professional

Al manager

Who is responsible for the rise and continued presence of Siti you-can-get-pregnant-while-swimming-with-men Hikmawatty?

That Siti Hikmawatty is stupid is a given fact. What else can explain an official for the Commission for the Protection of Indonesia Children (KPAI), and supposedly a one-time academic, would say that women can get pregnant from swimming in a pool with men?

Her stupidity is stupendous. In apologizing for her statement she said she had been inaccurate but it was a “personal” statement rather than a position held by the KPAI.

As if that would make everyone feel better. A commissioner holding such views is as fatal to the reputation of the KPAI, and not being dismissed, wrecks the same damage as if the KPAI held this view.

Stupid is as stupid does: Siti Hikmawatty trying to summon a spark of intelligence to how she looks

She also has no integrity. Instead of accepting responsibility for such an atrocious and outrageous statement, she has not offered to resign.

But that is Siti living up to the adage that “stupid is as stupid does”.

The questions of culpability that aren’t being asked around Siti are more demoralizing for the nation.

Specifically, how did someone of the lack of intelligence got appointed to the KPAI in the first place? Who was responsible for appointing her? Why aren’t they being held accountable for putting such a doozie in a commission that has a huge impact on the lives of our children?

Also, why hasn’t the KPAI, or the Minister in charge sacked her after she made the statement? By allowing her to continue her tenure at the commission, you have one dangerously stupid commissioner being in the the braintrust to protect Indonesian children.

There is also the question of how many Sitis there are out there, sitting in positions of influence and responsibility with intellects that aren’t enough to tie their own shoelaces with but who preside over policy and our lives.

What do you think? Should Indonesians, specially its netizens, continue to ridicule and deride Siti? Of should they train their acerbic keyboards at those who put her in place and who, through inaction, keep her in her position?

The Rich and Patti Arguments over Rich Brian

Former US Ambassador who reinvented himself as the organizer of Supermentor,   Dino Patti Jallal, has a point in the ongoing feud with BEKRAF chief Triawan Munaf over Indonesian Rapper Rich Brian where children are concerned.

Children should not be exposed to obscenities. But the whole episode is not as clear cut as he makes it out to be.
The feud has its roots on 7 July when Jokowi met with Rich Brian, accompanied by Triawan Munaf, at the Istana, a huge endorsement and praise for the 19 year-old that has been making waves overseas.

Netizens loved the populist move and heaped praise on the President for being so cool.

Not everyone was happy though. On July 16, seemingly out of the blue, Dino sermonized on Twitter, saying that even though Brian may be a great performer he (Dino) as a father thinks that Brian would not make a good role model for Indonesian youth because Brians tweets often contained profanity, obscenity and disgusting elements and looked down on women.

That children should not be exposed to obscenity etc is easy to agree with but there were two problems with Dino’s argument.

The first is that its not cool to dump on Rich Brian after you tweeted back in April for help on getting him to be a speaker for your Supermentor in LA event.

Spying what she must have thought to be hypocrisy, Rich Brian’s sister Sonya Erika tweeted an eloquent screen cap of the invite. This prompted Triawan Munaf to virtually stab himself with a retweet that said only ”jlebs!

This set off a shitstorm in the Twittersphere as well as the media, to the point that Dino felt he had to clarify his change in attitude toward Rich Brian, not once but twice.
In one Tweet he said that he changed his mind about inviting Rich Brian after reading his tweets that contained obscenities.

In another Dino asked a rhetorical question:would any parent feel that a musician, even though well-known, should be free to use obscenities on social media because they would be emulated by children who idolized them? He then hectored his audience: “My answer as a parent is clear: NO. What’s your answer? Don’t lose perspective.”

A greater shitstorm ensued.

Which brings us to the second problem with Dino’s argument about exposing children to obscenities from their idols.

The Supermentor talks attract youths, young men and women to be sure. But not children. It’s a bit ingenuous in this day and age to think that these youths would be anything but nonchalant to Rich Brian’s obscenities on social media. if they are the type who like Rap and Hip Hop they would already be exposed to that kind of language. And guess what? Most of them have not turned into peverts, mysoginists or depraved layabouts.

Dino’s argument also begs the question of what the parents are doing if they allow their children to be on social media. Shouldn’t they be interacting with their children and teaching them about life rather than allow them to roam unsupervised on social media, which has places much more dangerous and obscene than Rich Brian’s feeds?
The curious are now wondering what is the motive behind Dino’s sudden burst against Rich Brian.

Should we take things at face value and suppose that Dino’s a model parent and passionate about parenting, so could just not stand the attention lavished on Rich Brian by the President of Indonesia?

Or should we speculate on what other factors there are that could motivate a once political insider, now locked out of the corridors of power, to resort to such undiplomatic Tweets?

Mystery behind crazies attacking the santri and kyais in Java

Fascinating story in this week’s Tempo of the mystery behind a strange series of attacks on the santri and kyais throughout Java since the beginning of this year.

There is also a gem of a line in the story on how Encep Muhaimin, the head of a pesantren in Pandeglang determined that the would-be assailant was of sound mind. His teeth were white and his underwear was clean, therefore he was 0 percent normal and 10 percent insane.  Go figure.

Teror Orang Gila

SEBERMULA para santri di Pondok Pesantren Minhajunnidzom Dluo-el-Gonna tak menaruh curiga kepada seorang lelaki yang melintas di depan pondok, di Jalan Lintas Timur AMD, Desa Sukaratu, Pandeglang, Banten. Mereka mulai curiga ketika laki-laki 28 tahun itu mondar-mandir setiap malam, bahkan selama tiga malam pada Kamis-Sabtu dua pekan lalu.

Karena khawatir lelaki asing itu bikin onar, ditambah berseliweran kabar di WhatsApp yang menyebutkan banyak serangan terhadap kiai di sejumlah tempat, santri…

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Not since Sumardi Ma, he of the coffin notoriety, has a group of humans shown such  er…creativity?

Unspun had many years ago spent some weeks in the Northern Territory and found a land of great beauty and desolation. Since then it seems that nothing has changed. The Northern Territory remains beautiful and desolate, so desolate that few people have even heard of it, let alone visited it.

So how do you market a place like that? Well, the creatives working for Tourism Northern Territory have wrestled with the problem, injected some earthy Australian humor and come up with this totally original slogan/logo.

Creative or just crass? You decide, but you can’t deny that it grabs you by the sensitive parts.


To read more about whether this strategy works, read here

The Bomoh’s back with five watermelons to keep things cool

The Malaysian bomoh(shaman, medicine man, con man whatever you call them) Ibrahim Mat Zin, who won notoriety for his antics involving a magic carpet, several coconuts and some nuts serving as acolytes in the search for the missing MH370 is now back.

Never mind that his methods did not yield any results in the search for MH 370 (the plane is still missing and nobody in the temporal or spiritual realms seem to have a clue of its whereabouts), the good witchdoctor remains undaunted and altruistic.

The bomoh at work trying to find MH 370

Like the caped crusader who cannot resist doing good whenever calamity strikes, the Bomoh has now trained his spiritual sights on the dry and hot spell affecting Malaysia.

This time, the Bomoh, who seems to have a penchant for local fruits has enlisted the help of five watermelons and four funny looking acolytes.

Will the Bomoh succeed this time when rather bureaus and modern science has failed? Only time will tell but Unspun, in his communion with the spirit realm, has divined that after the Vernal Equinox, where the sun gets closest to the earth and therefore makes it the warmest day we’ll experience, tomorrow, things will cool down.

The spirits, however, are silent on whether it is The Bomoh’s handiwork that will result in the cooling of Malaysia, out of professional courtesy.





The Trump Ogoh-ogoh

The ogoh-ogoh are effigies built for the Ngrupuk parade on the eve of Nyepi that took place yesterday.

Ogoh-ogoh usually are fashioned after mythological beings or demons and they represent the Balinese people’s spiritual or temporal aims.

Often they also serve as social  or political commentary. Hence this year they had an effigy    of the sea god Baruna crushing a backhoe, the symbol of the unpopular move to reclaim Benefits oa Bay by some business interests.

What does it mean then when they have an ogoh-ogoh of that grotesque short-fingered demon Donald Trump? What manner of demon slouches toward Kuta Beach?


The ogoh-ogoh are usually burned at the end of the parade. Anyone with a photo of The Donald going up in flames?

(Thanks Adri for forwarding the photo).

Porking at the Wrong Place

Those of you who know Unspun would know that he looooves his pork. Not only that he would defend to the last bite the right of other porcine lovers to eat of their right to imbibe in The Other White Meat.

The joys of pork consumption are many and profound but that should not make the eaters pigs themselves. Some sensitivity is called for, especially in a multi-religious society.

So what is ostensibly can be interpreted as a case of religious intolerance on the part of Muhammadiyah in Semarang is actually a sensible objection to the insensitive nature of the Semarang Pork Festival.

If the article below is accurate the objection to the Pork Festival was because it was being held in a very public place frequented by Muslims and as such might seen to ostentatious and provocative to some Muslims. Nothing wrong with that.

Now to get back to my Babi Hong…


Ormas Islam Kecam Festival Daging Babi di Semarang Pork Festival

SEMARANG – Festival masakan daging babi bertajuk “Pork Festival” di Semarang mengundang protes dari ormas Muhammadiyah setempat. Even tersebut dinilai berpotensi menimbulkan ketidaknyamanan bagi sebagian umat muslim.

Menurut Ketua Pemuda Muhammadiyah Kota Semarang AM Jumai, acara yang rencanannya bakal digelar pada tanggal 4-8 Februari mendatang itu sebaiknya dibatalkan saja.

“Ini untuk mencegah terjadinya hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan. Mengingat masyarakat saat ini mudah terprovokasi,” kata Jumai kepada Radar Semarang (grup JPNN), Selasa (2/2).

Jumai mengatakan, acara itu dapat diartikan sebagai tantangan kepada anggota masyarakat yang mengharamkan daging babi untuk bereaksi.

Apalagi, pusat perbelanjaan Sri Ratu yang jadi lokasi acara berada di kawasan dengan mayoritas penduduknya umat Islam.

Jumai pun mengatakan, pihaknya tidak akan keberatan jika acara itu digelar untuk kalangan terbatas dan tidak dipublikasi luas.

“Silahkan tetap digelar tapi khusus untuk internal saja,” ujar dia. Wakil Ketua Pemuda Muhammadiyah Kota Semarang Muhtarom menambahkan bahwa pihaknya tidak bermaksud buruk kepada penyelenggara acara.

Menurutnya, Muhammadiyah hanya khawatir akan terjadi hal-hal yang dapat merusak kehidupan toleran yang ada di Semarang.  “Jika tetap dilaksanakan dan dipublikasikan, kami akan melayangkan surat protes,” tegasnya.

Untuk diketahui, Pork Festival diselenggarakan komunitas pecinta kuliner Kuliner Semarang. Acara tersebut rencanannya bakal menghadirkan berbagai masakan daging babi baik baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri. (fai/ric/cel/dil/jpnn)

Source: Ormas Islam Kecam Festival Daging Babi di Semarang –

Jonan the Jonah of Transportation

Common sense is not common and nowhere is it more uncommon than in the mind of the Transport Minister Ignatius Jonan.

His latest feat of uncommon sense is in banning – and this is not very clear from statements his Ministry has made: online applications for commuter transport or anything less than three-wheeled modes of transport for commuting. This effectively puts a ban on Gojek and its imitators Grabike etc as well as Uber and its imitators. And there is some speculation that such a ban should apply to operators like Blue Bird too since they have a mobile app for ordering taxis.

This is such a WTF decision that it leaves most people flabbergasted and at a loss to find out how someone could be so extraordinarily stupid to sign off on a law like that.

Fortunately, President Jokowi is wise to this and in a Tweet this morning says he’ll be summoning Jonan to explain the ban. His excuse is that Ojeks are needed by the rakyat and no regulation should unduly inconvenience the rakyat.


While there is nothing wrong with championing the Ojek and the convenience of the Wong Cilik, there is another reason why Jokowi should give the over-promoted stationmaster of trains a drubbing: the banning of Gojek.

Gojek has evolved to be more than just a business in Indonesia. IT has become a symbol that many Indonesians hold dear on many levels. On one level is the fact that it is a home-grown success story; on another it represents the best of Indonesian creativity (of using technology to solve a huge problem that Indonesians face – traffic jams – by organising a readily available resource – the thousands of ojeks and their riders); on still another level it is a great startup success story in a field where there are very few successes.

All these reasons are good ones for the President to put Jonan out of his misery of holding a post that he is not ready for. Let’s not forget that this is the same minister who shot his mouth off on aviation investigations before the NTSC had a chance to do their work and on the banning of Airlines to sell air tickets at airports after a LionAir mishap.

So here’s a win-win solution for the President: Demote Jonan from Minister to his old post at the head of Indonesia’s Railway network. That way the nation would lose a bad minister and gain a good railway manager. Things will once again get back on track.

Mayday Special: Something stinks in Indonesia but its not the workers

Ah! how the world has changed.

There was once upon a time where the needs of labourers were essential items that occupied the lower rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs like shelter, food, decent wages.

But that was in the Dark Ages. These days the labourers have morphed into worker and their basic needs have changed.

And that is the reason why this May Day Indonesian labourers are demanding that the Government agree to the 84 items that they have listed as being part of their Basic Needs.

Among the items are Television (because radio ain’t loner good enough to keep the workers informed) , telephone credits and – nothing to sniff about – perfume (because workers have to look good to communicate effectively with the Capitalist bosses).

So workers of Indonesia unite! You have nothing to loose but your privacy time, your isolation and your BO.

detikNews : Minta Uang Parfum, Buruh Wanita: Kami Perlu Percantik Diri.Jakarta – Buruh menuntut pemerintah menyetujui 84 komponen Kebutuhan Hidup Layak (KHL) yang di dalamnya terdapat kebutuhan untuk Televisi, pulsa, dan parfum. Beragam buruh mendukung ajuan tersebut. Ini dia alasannya.

Seperti yang diutarakan Nyonya Ne (43), karyawan perusahaan tekstil PT Unitex Bogor ini mengaku tiga komponen tersebut merupakan kebutuhan penunjang produktivitas para buruh. Televisi, menurut Ne, dinilai mampu meningkatkan kapasitas wawasan dunia luar para buruh.

“Dulu itu radio 4 band, itu kan sudah enggak signifikan. Kita butuh hubungan informasi cepat. Kalau radio 4 band itu seperti pembodohan, tidak memberi kesempatan pada buruh untuk maju,” kata Ne saat berbincang dengan detikcom di Bundaran HI, Jumat (1/5/2014).

Perempuan yang sudah bekerja selama 20 tahun ini juga menilai perusahaan seyogyanya memberikan pemenuhan biaya untuk parfum. Item ini menjadi perlu dengan alasan menjaga penampilan di lokasi kerja, terutama kenyamanan saat berhadapan dengan pimpinan.

“Pekerja juga perlu mempercantik diri, ketika beraktifitas banyak keringat keluar, komunikasi dengan pimpinan enggak mungkin juga buat tidak nyaman,” ujar perempuan yang tergabung dalam Serikat Pekerja Nasional (SPN) ini.

Senada dengan Ne, Rudi (23), buruh pabrik Adidas Tangerang, mengaku tiga item tersebut diperlukan buruh. Alasan yang dilontarkan tidak jauh beda dengan yang dilontarkan Ne.

Pria yang baru pertama kali ikut aksi ini ditemani sang istri, Rina (21). Dia bercerita mengenai upah yang didapat dengan biaya yang dikeluarkan selama sebulan. Menurutnya, dari gaji Rp 2,4 juta dia baru bisa menyisihkan Rp 500 ribu setelah dipotong kebutuhan setiap hari dan bulanan.

Read more of this article


Is mine bigger than yours?

It must be all that grass they grow in Aceh. They are purported to have the best grass in Indonesia.

How else do you explain the actions of the local education authorities in devising a questionaiire asking kids as young as 11 how big their genitals are?

Unspun is unsure if the parents have been caught up in a whiff of the local vegetation as well as parent Nurlina was quoted as saying that the questionnaire was OK, if only it didn’t have those dirty pictures to accompany the questions.

Strange times indeed. What are they smoking and where can we get some?

Aceh City Tells 11-Year-Old Schoolchildren to Assess Genital Size

By Nurdin Hasan on 6:57 pm September 4, 2013.
Category FeaturedNews

Banda Aceh. Parents in Aceh were demanding answers from education officials on Wednesday after it emerged that children as young as 11 were told to fill in a survey that included questions about the size of their genitals and whether they had experienced any sexual dreams.

“Actually there was no problem with the questionnaire, but I was very shocked when I opened page five and saw images of women’s breasts and female and male genitalia,” Nurlina, a parent of a student at Sabang 1 State Junior High School, told the Jakarta Globe on Wednesday.

Nurlina said that the page in question included pictures of male and female genitals of varying size and asked the student to circle whichever they felt was the closest approximation to their own.

In addition, boys were asked whether they had experienced a “wet dream,” and girls were asked to assess the size of their breasts. Children as young as 11 were told to complete the survey.

The head of the Sabang Education Agency confirmed that the questionnaire had been distributed to six junior high schools in Sabang, Indonesia’s westernmost city with a population of around 30,000. The legal framework of the semi-autonomous Indonesian province of Aceh includes elements of Shariah law.

Misman said the local education body had included the questions on the recommendation of local health officials.

“It was a recommendation from Puskesmas [community health center] to collect information on the children’s health,” he said.

Nurlina was not persuaded by the view that the authorities’ efforts to document the health of Sabang’s children necessitated asking the kinds of questions with the attendant visual aids found in the survey .

“There were also questions as to whether or not the girls have menstruated and if the boys have experienced sexual dreams,” she said. “Those questions were meant for children who have just graduated from elementary school — that’s improper.”

Nurlina, a civil servant in Sabang, prohibited her child from answering those questions and said she would file a complaint to the school and the local education office.

“The teachers should have checked the questionnaires before they were distributed to see if the pages came with indecent images,” she said.

Misman said the schools distributed similar questionnaires last year but there was no public outcry because the questions were not accompanied by a set of pictures.

“[The surveys] have been distributed and some of them have been returned because children did not want to answer that particular page,” he said. “After I saw the questionnaires I can see not only that they asked about their genital sizes, but that there were some very vivid images of genitals —  this is too vulgar.”

Misman said his office would discuss the issue with Sabang’s mayor to find the best solution.

Roy the Boy now a minister

Its amazing where chutzpah can get you these days in Indonesia.

We are told bu the newspapers today that Roy Suryo, a self-professed telemathics expert has now been appointed by President Susily Bambang Yudhoho to be the new Sports Minister to replace disgraced Andi Mallarengeng.

Unspun’s theory is that Roy was chosen to fill in the spot because he has a moustache. His predecessor also sported a moustache. SBY has a predeliction for moustachoid Sports Ministers.
Sounds ridiculous, you say?

Well, it may sound like an out of the world explanation but it is not more ridiculous than any other possible alternative explanations when you consider how Roy the Bpy rose to prominence, or notoriety, dependijng on your perspective.

He was a relative unknown until he began using evey opportunity at publicity to display his prowress in telemathics, his alleged field of expertise. That was fine inthe old days when the telephone was still widely used and the mobile phone was a relatively new thing.

When that avenue of punditry became dated Roy reinvented himself to be an expert on anything that hinted at technology. All of a sudden he was an expert in social media, the internet, sms messages and even in the verification of pornographic photos.

You got to give the man credit though. e was relentless and shameless in promoting himself as an expert for all seasons. And how comes his reward, a stint as Sports Minister.

What went on in SBY’s mind in considering Roy as a Sports Minister? Does SBY have a mind? All troubling questions but we can rest in the confort of knowing that whatever problems that SBY faces Roy will be on hand to lend his expertise.