Malaysians chip in to compatriot in need

The Malaysia Club Jakarta has donated Rp 4 million to a Malaysian student who was admitted to hospital here after the 22-year old from Seremban suffered a stroke.His hospital bills are apparently quite massive so if anyone is able to help  Mohd. Hafidz please contact the Malaysia Club Jakarta through the link below. Also, it should be known that MCJ Committee member Raja Elona has been providing fantastic support to Hafidz and his family, including keeping the MCJ appraised of Hafidz’s condition.

(Disclosure, Unspun is Assistant Secretary of the MCJ).

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A Malaysian student named Mohd Hafidz Bin Omar has recently been admitted to the I.C.U of Gleneagles Siloam Hospital, Lippo Karawaci on the 12/09/07 after complaining of a massive headache and vomiting. He was immediately brought to the hospital and the Doctor’s confirmed that he had a stroke and is suffering from�brain hemorrhage on the left and right side of the brain as well as a condition known as aneurism.�An aneurism is�a dilation, or swelling, of a blood vessel (where part of the vein or artery inflates like a balloon).

2 operations have been conducted�on his brain�to remove�blood clots. He also underwent a�tracheostomy, which is a�surgical procedure performed on the neck to open a direct airway through an incision in the�trachea (the windpipe)�to connect him to a�life support system. Currently, his condition is stable but is still�being�monitored in the I.C.U. �

Mohd Hafidz is from Seremban. Age 22 years old and is the youngest of 3 siblings from a middle class family.

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John Arnold to helm APCO Indonesia

Businessmen of the cocktail circuit in Jakarta have been wondering what’s happened to John Arnold, who recently retired as the head of Ernst & Young Indonesia. John – well known not least because he wears many hats at one time or another, such as head of BritCham, an active member in Indonesia Business Links and a dozen other organizations –  was for a while being seen and in the cocktail circuit enjoying his retirement but restless for new challenges.

Unspun has heard from the grapevine that his wishes have come true. According to Unspun‘s sources John has been appointed to head APCO Indonesia. APCO, as those in the communications trade would know, is a well-known public affairs (read lobbying) worldwide company in the US.

In Indonesia it also does public affairs but with a large dose of what one of John’s predecessors, Hans Vriens, has described in an Amcham meeting as “high class PR” (probably means usual PR with a high price tag to it). IT apparently has about 14 consultants and does count as it advisors some impressive names such as former Foreign minister Ali Alatas, Tempo English editor Yuli Ismartono and Former President Gus Dur’s Spokesperson Ratih Hardjono.

John has his job cut out for him. APCO,  says industry gossip has been on the downhill since Hans left a couple or more years ago. So John has the unenviable task of using all his experience in EY and other chambers of commerce, as well as his formidable stable of contacts,  to revive the business and handle the controversial issues that might  bump up against a PA firm, such as its handling of the Altimo account.

Congrats and Good Luck John.

Smokin’ in Hungary

A friend sent Unspun these photos of Djarum’s event in Hungary. Unspun presumes that the friend

1. is proud to see Indonesian companies going international and making a big splash in the social scene


2. wants to warn readers of the dangers of tobacco. Observe how catatonic and in shock, no doubt from nicotine, the young man in the photo seems.  Say no to tobacco! djspg_7.jpg

Bengkulu quake update: Day #8

From Hope’s Charles Ham, who’s on the ground helping victims in Benglulu after the quake.

Dear friends of HOPE worldwide,

The latest situation in Bengkulu Earthquake: total casualties as of Monday, 7th of September’07 are 15 death tolls, and 38 injured.  Meanwhile total damage of house are  increased to 7.905 units of totally damage house,  6.745 units of heavily damage, 13.184 units of light damage.

UN OCHA United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) reported that hijack happened to several NGOs truck delivering disaster relief aid. Residents of several villages were restless waiting for assistance that they were willing to take aid intended for other villages.

The local government in the coordination meeting stated that security is not a concern at this time, but aid distribution should coordinate with Police if there are concerns about security.

The Arga Makmur Hospital’s Director reported this morning by phone that diarrheal cases has increased as well as chest infections. The region is already malaria endemic areas, and an anticipation of the disease spreading is needed while people are exposed to mosquitos by sleeping outdoors. After delivering Continue reading “Bengkulu quake update: Day #8”

Bengkulu quake update: Day #5

HOPE’s Charles Ham is still on the ground helping victims of the Bengkula earthquake. He sms’d me this afternoon with this update and appeal for donations:

14 people died, 12 severly injurd, 26 lightly injured; further, 7,839 houses totally damaged, 6,801 heavily damaged, 13,000 lightly damaged. HOPE Worldwide is preparing tents, food,  mattresses, blankets and clothes for 1,000 families. Ask your friends to support via HOPE’s BCA account (No: 084 308 8551). Thanks.

Bengkulu quake update, 2pm 15 Sept.

Stuck in Jakarta airport because Thai Airlines TG 434 is delayed. The engineers are trying to find a fault so nothing to do but to get on the computer with my HSDPA (Unspun loves the 3G device!) modem and blog. Charles Ham of Hope just sent a report of conditions on the ground and some photos. Unspun thinks Charles’s reports provide a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of aid workers and conditions on the ground. Here they are:

Team stayed at a resident’s porch on Sept 13 evening in Ketahun, showered at a water source in palm plantation and treated several patients who came from surrounding villages after hearing a doctor was there. The team treated 50 people from the night before and in the morning of Sept 14.

In the journey to Muko Muko , team decided to cancel the trip and to focus on the North Bengkulu District. Many other help was starting to directs to Muko Muko, and may pass by North Bengkulu District. The District Administrator of 400,000 population confirmed that no help has arrived.


He personally buy instant noodles and tents for people. Team visited the Arga Makmur hospital , provide medicine and decide to move to other areas as the hospital is under control, except that they need a surgeon for patients waiting for procedures. The next morning the hospital director called team to ask for blankets for patients and raincoats for nurse who are managing the hospital under the tents while rain keeps pouring. 100 blankets and raincoats should arrive by lunch time today. After meeting the Vice Governor again last night, it was clear that much help is still needed, despite the Indonesian Vice President stating that the government is capable of handling the situation.


This morning, team is continuing the assessment and aid, while team leader, Charles Ham, went by air with small aircraft from US Embassy to assess the damages in the surrounding Mentawai islands and Padang, West Sumatera Province.


Please pray that aid will be delivered to the people living in tents,
scared, cold and traumatized soon, and that they will be strong to help
each other facing this time of turbulence of their lives.bengkulu-q.jpg

Earlier at noon: This is a sms update from Hope’s Charles Ham, who is on the ground helping victims of the Benglulu earthquake:

Yesterday team Hope treated 50 patients in lais and ketahun, distributed medicine to RSUD Arga Makmur.

Today tem to distribute blankets and raincoats to same hospital that has been rained down last night with patients in tents. I am flying above Padang, Enggano and mentawai island with a smaller plane to see the situation.

(Note: Unspun will be traveling and may not post updates for the next three or four days).

The wisdom of society rags

Unlike the unkind, Unspun is not snoooty and sneer at society magazines as vacuous watch catalogues padded with shallow articles and pictures of the great, the good, the washed  and the beautiful.

Unspun thinks that if we look hard enough we can find meaningful messages and great insights between the clothes, handbags, shoes and watch advertisements that mortals like us cannot afford.

Take for example the latest edition of Registry Indonesia, now on to its 7th issue and turn to the publisher’s message. The publisher and editor-in-chief is Setiawan Sudjie and his message to his readers this month is an erudite exposition of Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs:setiwan.jpg

“Life has been believed to be evolved billions of years years ago from infinitesimal forms of utter simplicity developing into incomprehensible structures of sophistication. Existences depended on rudimentary designs on plain food and clothing transforming through the eons of voluminous time into needs of enhanced complexity. Human desires progressed from basic requirements on to the needs of the body, mind and emotion. The body requires comfortable and durable attire. The mind mandated knowledge and quest for emotions, commanded gratification of sociality and acknowledgment.

 Today, mankind does not live on bread and water alone but exists on an unyielding pursuit of utter contentment through acquisitions f luxurious goods and lifestyles.

 Possess this knowledge through Registry Indonesia’s 2007 September edition”

Oscar Wilde said that anything mysterious has a chance of being profound. By his reckoning these couple of paragraphs has the potential to enlighten half of humanity, at least among the washed and the pretentious.

I wonder how bloggers like Jakartass, who obviously has a love for the English language and can spell polysyllabic words, and understand them, without looking up the dictionary (like Unspun) would make of this?