Yogjakarta Earthquake: HOPE’s update

Country Director of HOPE Worldwide Indonesia Charles Ham has just sms'd in an update of the organizations earthquake relief efforts in Yogjakarta. This is what it says: 1 week update on Hope Worldwide in Jogja: 1 ton food & 200 shelters for 3,000 victims distributed. 500 treated medically. 10 tons medicines  & food is onContinue reading “Yogjakarta Earthquake: HOPE’s update”

Indonesian Catholics smarter than Vatican

The Bishops Conference of Indonesia (KWI) has wisely decided not to ban Catholics from watching the movie Da Vinci Code. This decision is at odds with the Vatican which banned the faithful from watching the movie for fear that they would be led astray by Hollywood. The KWI’s decision is based on its assumption thatContinue reading “Indonesian Catholics smarter than Vatican”