The talk about Chinese-Malay participation in Bersih 4

As a Malaysian who has lived overseas for most of his adult life, the last two decades spent in Indonesia, Unspun cannot help but marvel at the racial divide in Malaysia, even during a unifying event such as Bersih 4, that took place over this weekend. For those not familar with Malaysian politics Bersih 4 is... Continue Reading →

Najib’s March of Folly

In 1985 Pulitzer prize-winning author Barbara Tuchman wrote the book The March of Folly  which was a fascinating study of why leaders from Troy to Vietnam acted against their own self-interest. If she were updating the book today, Unspun thinks she would certainly consider not only adding Malaysian Premier Najib Razak but perhaps promote him... Continue Reading →

Najib’s PR Guru: The Talented Mr Stadlen

The Sarawak Report contains a fascinating story of the staying power and nocturnal pursuits of  Najib's propaganda chief Paul Stadlen. Stadlen apparently used to head APCO, a lobbying/PR firm appointed by Malaysian Prime Minister to help with his PR needs, which are legion. Unspun's written about them here and here. Many people then wondered why a firm... Continue Reading →

Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident? – Maverick Indonesia

An update of the Cadbury incident in Malaysia, at the Maverick blog. It appears that the Malaysian Ministry of Health may have been mistaken when they said that there was porcine DNA in Cadbury's chocolate products. ____________________ Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident? - Maverick Indonesia Could it be that our suspicions... Continue Reading →

What, indeed, should Cadbury do about the calls to jihad?

This is what I wrote for our office blog earlier today: PR Week has an interesting take on the ongoing Cadbury porcine DNA Issue that is being played out in Malaysia. Describing the call by more than 20 Malay-Muslim groups in Malaysia for a jihad against Cadbury “surreal in its extremity” PR Week also described... Continue Reading →

Criticism against the Malaysian Government on MH370: Warranted or unfair?

If, like many people and Unspun, you find yourself transfixed by the unfolding drama of the search for MH 370, you are likely to see several threads of opinion surface regarding the performance of the Malaysian Government, helmed by Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. On one end of the spectrum is the... Continue Reading →

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