Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident? – Maverick Indonesia

An update of the Cadbury incident in Malaysia, at the Maverick blog. It appears that the Malaysian Ministry of Health may have been mistaken when they said that there was porcine DNA in Cadbury’s chocolate products. ____________________ Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident? – Maverick Indonesia Could it be that our suspicions […]

What, indeed, should Cadbury do about the calls to jihad?

This is what I wrote for our office blog earlier today: PR Week has an interesting take on the ongoing Cadbury porcine DNA Issue that is being played out in Malaysia. Describing the call by more than 20 Malay-Muslim groups in Malaysia for a jihad against Cadbury “surreal in its extremity” PR Week also described […]

Criticism against the Malaysian Government on MH370: Warranted or unfair?

If, like many people and Unspun, you find yourself transfixed by the unfolding drama of the search for MH 370, you are likely to see several threads of opinion surface regarding the performance of the Malaysian Government, helmed by Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. On one end of the spectrum is the […]

Raiding the Ban for Popular Votes?

Even though you may no agree with it you could understand the reasons why Malaysia’s censors might want to ban a film like Noah – the ultra sensitive Muslims in that country bristle at any attempts to dick around with the religious texts. But to brand The Raid 2 is a bit morelthan a mystery. […]

How low can Nurfam go on the MH 370 issue?

How low can you go to kick a decent man when he’s down? That is the question that must be asked of The National Union of Flight Attendants (Nufam). The union has asked for the resignation of Malaysia Airlines CER Ahmad Jauhari on the flimsy reasoning that theMH370 incident will have a large impact on […]

How can the Malaysian Government find closure in the MH370 tragedy?

With Malaysian Prime Minister Najib’s announcement that MH 370 had perished in the Indian Ocean, and with no contending evidence to suggest otherwise, situation is moving toward what Crisis Managers would consider the Closure stage. It will take some time, as families come to terms with their loss and mourn their loved ones. The task […]

Something to like: Friends of Captain Zaharie MH370 Facebook page

If you are family or friend of Captain Zaharie, the pilot of MH370 that went missing more than 10 days ago and feel that much of what is being said about him was unfair, careless or plain sensationalism, what would you do? You could face the media but that would be a huge strain. The […]

Does the Malaysian Government evoke contempt for its handling of the MH370 incident?

The answer seems to be an unqualified YES! Consider these developments that betray the depth of incompetence, internal conflict and egos at play behind the scenes of the Malaysian Government agencies involved in the MH370 search and rescue effort. There were already indications that as early as Monday, Malaysian officials already knew that MH370 had […]

What the IGP-DCA discord does to Malaysia’s image as world waits for news of MH370

One sure way of losing the confidence of the public during a crisis-like situation is when principal players and agencies in the government contradict each other. They may have very good reasons for believing what they believe but to the public that doesn’t matter. Whether you head the Police or the Department of Civil Aviation […]

Don’t let fake passports story waylay the search and rescue efforts of MH370

  The most dreaded media question by politicians in the West whenever there is a crisis is:” Will you resign your position to take responsibility for this incident/travesty/failure?” But that’s the West. Here in the East journalists, even Western ones operating here under work permits controlled by governments, are better mannered and avoid such confrontationist […]