Tenaga Coal enervates Malaysia’s Tenaga Nasional

This was posted by Rocky’s Bru today about the Malaysian energy company’s subsidiary in Indonesia. The news comes on the heels of how Singapore-owned banks have been performing poorer than the same quarter last year: Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s president and CEO, Che Khalib Mohd Noh, or CK, has been hearing some bad news from the […]

Malaysia moving into command-and-control mode

The Malaysian leadership does this every time they are under seige: Try to control the media, and hence what they think are the means of information to the rakyat. In the past it’s worked before. Through legislation, intimidation, patronage and licensing laws the Malaysian leadership managed to control the media time and again whenever it […]

The Mahathir-Badawi broughaha, from a distance

Malaysian blogger and old friend Rocky of Rocky’s Bru has posted a comment on this blog saying he likes the new look (thanks) and what are my thoughts, as a fomer Malaysian journalist, on the political broughaha between Mahathir and Badawi. Well Rocky, I think if you’re not living in the country it all looks […]

Mahathir: Thar he blows! (again)

The papers and the blogosphere today are replete with news of Mahathir saying he regretted picking Badawi as his successor and that the latter was not his first choice. This, coming soon after his interview with Malaysiakini (see earlier post) is yet another chapter in the unraveling tragicomedy that Mahathir’s life has become. Whatever his […]

The Irony of Being Mahathir

The Jakarta Post carried this article under the headline “The dramatic irony of Mahathir and the media” on May 31. What goes around, comes around. If former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was anyone else but himself, he would be contemplating this saying and savoring its irony this very moment.But Mahathir is Mahathir and incapable […]