What is the end game for all social media investments?

Unspun was conducting a social media workshop recently when the topic settled on KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. The answer was simple but I could tell it was unsatisfying to the audience: it depends. The audience wanted definite answers to tell them when they were getting their money’s worth if they poured money and resources […]

Jakarta second from last in location branding survey of Asian cities

How well does Jakarta do when it comes to location branding (a fancy modern word to substitute for reputation of a place)? According to a study by Public Affairs Asia and Ogilvy PR called Location Branding 2012, not that well at all. Out of 16 cities Jakarta came 14, just above Manila. Another dubious distinction […]

Ernest Prakasa’s failed viral campaign and Kathy Perry’s kiss

Why are Indonesian onliners peeved off by Ernest Prakasa’s pleas of help after his “kidnap”; what are they saying about visiting megastar Kathy Perry’s kiss and what do Indonesian onliners have to say about what’s happening about half the world away – America’s Stop Online Piracy Act? Find out and keep abreast of what’s buzzing […]

Ogilvy in Jakarta: Family or package?

Seems like interesting times are afoot in one of the largest Marketing Communications firms in Indonesia. So, is it family or package? Misunderstanding or spin? This news and photo  from marketing-interactive com: Mangham speaks out By: Deepa Balji, Singapore Published: Nov 04, 2011 Regional – Stephen Mangham has refuted Ogilvy claims that he left the […]

The trouble with contests and awards

There’s been much comment and discontent about Indonesia’s poor showing in the New 7 Wonders of The World Contest. In the conversation led by, among others, The Indonesian blogosphere’s Comeback Kid, Priyadi, many Indonesians are criticizing the methodology of how the New 7 Wonders were chosen. The problem in their arguments, however, is that Indonesia […]

Raconteur picks up another award for Maverick

I’m so proud of my colleagues at Raconteur who picked up yet another award for Maverick last week. Who says PR can’t be creative? The Year of The Raconteurs! This entry was posted in Client, Raconteur. Bookmark the permalink. By hanny Other posts by hanny This year looks like an especially favorable one for Raconteur! […]

Play. Pause. Forward.

The euphoria surrounding social media has been so infectious that many brand managers and organizations have jumped headlong into opening their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Some enterprising ones have conducted a campaign or two using these social platforms that they have classified as unqualified successes because it generated some buzz in the form […]

Malaysian Leaders fall for another PR consultant

Here we go again with Najib and his cohorts thinking that some spin doctor will provide them with the magic bullet that will boost their popularity, ensure that they will be continously  voted into office and live happily ever after. The problem is that spin doesn’t work. Leaders and others who want to win the […]

Ramadhan blooper II: Indonesian TV’s turn

In Unspun’s last posting we featured the silliness of TV8 in Malaysia and its Ramadhan message. While the flak is still flying in Malaysia, Indonesia’s TVOne (what is it with TV stations and numerals?) seems to have come up with silliness of their own. TV stations traditionally air a videoclip to accompany the adz an […]

The incredible resurrection of Sumardy “Coffin” Ma

You would have thought that Sumardy Ma, the self-professed pioneer of word-of-mouth marketing, had buried his career with his coffin antic back in June 6, when he sent coffins to several media houses and individuals as a publicity stunt to promote a book he was publishing. Critics then decried it as bad taste and misguided […]