Vivanews: Head in sand not a solution

Something interesting happened in the Indonesian Twittersphere recently. Shortly after Unspun and the Indonesian Tweeps gave their thumbs down to Vivanews’ Twitter Blasts (see previous post here), and Unspun as well as Mavericknetwork blogged about it, Vivanews went off air in the Twittersphere. Why? Ju dging fromĀ  the comment left by an anonymous visitor in […]

IM2 Rant #2: Now watch them get into trouble

One of the things Unspun teachs clients and students in his classes on crisis management is that not everything is a crisis. In the beginning, you have an incident, which is something that is a departure from best practice. If you pay attention to the incident and solve it in a timely manner it usually […]

Building your brand? Try PR instead

This is something that PR practitioners have always known but the Advertising-Media Complex has consistently tried to cover up – that PR can build brand value more effectively than advertising. This is especially so in an age of enhanced skepticism, the TV remote and oversaturation of competing advertizing and the all-too-transparent Web. clipped from […]

IM2 Rant #2: Why aren’t competitors moving?

You’d think that with thousands of their customers pissed off by their bad and slow connection on their HSDPA, competitors of IM2 would see an opportunity for the quick kill. Here’s what Unspun would do if he was a telco and a competitor to IM2: Get one of my IT people to write a script […]

SBY to launch Viva News next Wednesday

President SBY will launch Indonesia’s news portal Viva News next Wednesday. The news portal isĀ  Bakrie concern with son Anindya as the Direktur Utama of Viva, presumably the holding company of Viva news. It also seems to be big on family ties, Rizal Mallarangeng, brother of Andi, the spokesperson for SBY, is also the Direktur […]

Indonesia’s first bloggers “news” conference?

In a sense it was history in the making – Toyota Indonesia bit the bullet and decided to engage bloggers for the launching of its 10th Generation of Corolla Altis. Toyota Indonesia’s corporate communications chief honcho Achmad Rizal and his team, together with the team from their Interactive consultant, Virtual, were on hand to welcome […]

How the WOM turns in PR

Something terribly wrong about using over 300,000 “incentivized volunteers” to practie Word of Mouth marketing. Wonder if the local Ogilvy PR office in Mandiri Tower is also in on this gig? clipped from Ogilvy Admits Ties to Nefarious International WOM Group By Sheryl Dickerhoof, APR Friday, January 11, 2008 This just in… Ogilvy Public […]

The pampered asshole

Was browsing through Unspun‘s favorite marketing website when this product of premiumization struck me – luxury “fashionable” toilet paper.The photo of the girl on the pony has nothing to do with the product. It was another instance of premiumization of ye olde rocking horse.What will they premiumize next? clipped from Portuguese paper products company […]