Najib and the PSYchology of BN persuasion

Unspun mudik-ed to his kampung in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year and was tickled pink by the desperate efforts of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s attempt to shore up his support among the Chinese community for the upcoming national elections that must be held ┬áin the first half of this year. The […]

Why Unspun endorses Speaker Marsuki’s claim that all men want more wives

The prudish and politically correct among us may squirm and get sanctimonous, but as a real Alpha-male Unspun must declare that House Speaker Marsuki Alie is definitely right all men would like to have more wives. Unspun, for instance, would like eight and here are the reasons why: 1. In between work, fighting the traffic […]

Roy the Boy now a minister

Its amazing where chutzpah can get you these days in Indonesia. We are told bu the newspapers today that Roy Suryo, a self-professed telemathics expert has now been appointed by President Susily Bambang Yudhoho to be the new Sports Minister to replace disgraced Andi Mallarengeng. Unspun’s theory is that Roy was chosen to fill in […]

Rhoma Irama and his spunky bid for president

Never look down on a dangdut star. You never know what’s beneath him. Though it is difficult for many to conceive what could possibly be beneath Dangdut star Rhoma Irama, he of the gushing tear ducts, there is apparently plenty of j-ingo-ism to bouy his candidacy for the No.#1 job in Indonesia. His “supporters” have […]

The vibrancy of The Jakarta Globe’s editorial pages

The vibrancy of a newspaper’s opinion page usually lies with the letters to the editor, arguing for or against a proffered opinion from its stable of writers. By this measure The Jakarta Globe certainly has a vibrant editorial page, if only online. The recent opinion piece by Berita Satu Media Holdings group publisher (below) is […]

Guidelines to identify gay and lesbian symptoms published | Free MalaysiaKini

The Malaysian Education Ministry has outdone itself in wisdom and concern to protect the young, nubile minds in Malaysia. It has endorsed guidelines to let parents know if their children are not going to grow up straight. The come in the form of four symptoms that parents should be on the lookout for as their […]

Prabowo impresses Huffington Post’s Weiss as presidential candidate for Indonesia

If the Huffington Post‘s Stanley Weiss is right, and Prabowo is leading the pack among Indonesia’s presidential candidates, the implication is that SBY is Prabowo’s biggest electoral asset. Why? Because SBY’s namby-pamby, make-no-tough-decisions style is driving Indonesians to the level of frustration that Prabowo starts to look very good in contrast. In politics and logic […]

How the Foke solves traffic problems

Unspun thinks that critics are unnecessarily unkind to Jakarta Governor and gubernatorial candidate Fauzi Bowo, aka The Foke. The man is beleaguered by the problems of a huge megapolis that are not easy to solve but when confronted by a problem he wastes no time to rise to the occassion. Take, for instance, his resourcefulness […]

Why Fauzi is being Foked on social media by the Jokowi crowd

The video below that is well produced and catchy with a huge dose of humor is yet another reason why the incumbent Jakarta Mayor Fauzi Bowo is losing out big time in the popularity stakes to challenger Jokowi and his running mate Ahok. Joakowi supporters and his camp are proving very adept at using social […]