Will PR be more or less relevant in the age of AI Rising?

One of the questions PR professionals are wrestling with is whether our profession will be more or less important as Artificial Intelligence gains further ground. AI can already perform many tasks traditionally assigned to PR professionals and with time it will get better and be able to more things. AI, however, is not AGI -... Continue Reading →

Jesus, critical thinking and public relations

A question that I ask that gets attention whenever I teach Critical Thinking at my workplace is what was Jesus Christ's most likely appearance. Would he have looked swarthy and middle-eastern like the image on the left, or fair-skinned, with aquiline nose and Caucasian? Inevitably, there's be quite a few people (sometimes in the majority)... Continue Reading →

The dangers of deductive thinking to solve the Rafael Trisambodo problem

At the place where I work, we make sure that every PR consultant is familiar with Systems Thinking. Why? Because the world is complex and interconnected and deductive thinking usually addresses the symptoms and not the cure. Deductive thinking assumes that the world is a simple place. When problems crop up, find an immediate solution... Continue Reading →

Clubhouse is all the rage – and the likely site of the next business crisis

Don’t get me wrong. I think Clubhouse, the audio chat app that is taking the world and Indonesia by storm is fantastic. Here you have an app that makes interaction easy among people with same interests. And because its audio only it also creates a feeling of intimacy and ability to network during sessions. Another... Continue Reading →

KPAI isn’t all wrong about PB Djarum

Something important is lost in the rancour against KPAI (The Commission for the Protection of Children) for calling out PB Djarum's (Djarum Badminton Association) badminton auditions. KPAI, as we know has accused the cigarette maker Djarum of using its foundation, PB Djarum (Djarum Badminton Association) to exploit children. To be sure, KPAI has chosen its... Continue Reading →

Maverick’s views on the Garuda fiasco

This is what I co-wrote with my colleague Marsha Imaniara on the fiasco surrounding Garuda after it issued a circular banning passengers from taking photos and video clips on board its airplanes. https://m.kumparan.com/marsha-imaniara-1563432131140003103/alasan-garuda-indonesia-terjepit-akibat-menu-tulis-tangan-1rUXfXMLbKX?utm_source=Mobilesite&utm_medium=copy-to-clipboard&utm_campaign=Share And this is the English version in the Maverick blog https://maverick.co.id/the-reason-why-garudas-in-a-tight-spot-over-hand-written-menu/

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