Too much time, nothing to do

The Cantonese phrase Tak Han Mo Yeh Cho comes to mind when Unspun read the story below.

Roughly translated the phrase (literally, too much time, nothing to do) refers someone who engages in frivolous things because they have nothing better to do. It is totally apt for Malaysian officials and Ministers over the ridiculous issue of caning.It is apt because Malaysia has in recent years been failing its citizens in the issue of law and order.

Robberies, burglaries and mugging is all too common in Malaysia these days, even in the better neighborhoods. The situation there is so bad that some of Unspun‘s friends have emigrated to Singapore, which they think is a boring place but at least it is safe enough for their children to go out and have fun, and catch public transport to school without them being worried sick.

The situation is so bad that when Unspun went back to KL for the Chinese new year, he was treated to a litany of stories about robberies and muggings of neighbors, friends and friends of friends.

So you’d think that the priority in Malaysia, if they had their heads screwed on the right way, was to restore law and order and then, once they have this under control and if they had a lot of free time to spare, get around to curbing the libido of Muslims

But no, what the Malaysian government does instead is not only to perform the first caning of Muslim women who’ve had extramarital sex but to  choose to make a to public statement about it. Why?

And the forced rcanting of the women through the mass media, where they said that th caning did them good, wasn’t that out of a chapter of Arthur Miller’s Crucible? Bolehland turns police state?

And now the Malaysian government goes to the trouble of conducting surveys to gauge the support of the public oncaning naughty Muslim women, as well as thinking of organizing a conference on caning? Don’t these people have anything worthwhile to do?

And why the injustice of it all of not caning the men too? It is as if, in their view, all the sins of Muslims are caused by women. It is these lewd women who enticed the innocent men to have sex, to go astray. The men by themselves are originally pristine. That’s so much bullshit.

The only way to interpret this is that the Malaysian government is so morally and politically bankrupt that tak han moh yeh cho has even become a viable strategy, to them at least, to shore up their polularity or votes. So sad. (earns a shit-for-brains tag)

Nothing like a bit of S&M to stop extramarital sex

Most Support Caning of Women, Says Malaysian Official

Most Malaysians accept the caning of women under the country’s Shariah courts, Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said on Wednesday.

“Jakim held a seminar to discuss caning long before it became an issue among Malaysians. The outcome was encouraging because the participants understood the whys and hows of it,” he said as quoted by newspaper Web site

“We are aware that some parties are still unable to accept the punishment but given time and more explanation, I believe they will come around.”

He added that Jakim was “willing to explain the issue all over again, to whoever needs an explanation.”

Malaysia’s Women’s Minister, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, said on Tuesday that she hoped to organize a conference with representatives of other Muslim-majority countries to discuss the punishment.

She told the Malaysia Insider website she respected the caning sentence recently doled out to three women, but she believed physical punishment was not the only option.

“Wrong is wrong, but there are many ways to handle the issue, including rehabilitation and counselling,” Shahrizat said.

The women were caned for having sex outside marriage. They have since publicly defended the punishment, saying it gave them a chance to repent.

Authorities used a light rattan stick to hit the women on their backs while they were fully clothed. The caning of men in Malaysia, by contrast, is done on bare skin and can cause bleeding and scarring.

via Most Support Caning of Women, Says Malaysian Official – The Jakarta Globe.

What would Allah do?

There is something very, very wrong with the logic of the Malaysian government here.

What it is effectively saying is that even though the Court has granted non-Muslims the right to use the word “Allah” they should not exercise this right because the government is unable or unwilling to protect their rights.

Racial conflict is the bogeyman that successful Malaysian governments have used to cow the populace into submission.

It is the government’s job to protect the rights of all of its citizens – not just citizens of one race – as determined by the judiciary. A government that is not able to protect the rights of its citizens is a government that is either impotent and afraid to stand up for what’s right and to do what’s right, or using racial conflict as a mere excuse to deprive some citizens of their rights.

Lets see what the citizens say in the next by-election or general election

AFP: Malaysia court suspends ‘Allah’ ruling

(AFP) – 1 day ago

KUALA LUMPUR — A Malaysian court on Wednesday suspended a ruling that allowed a Catholic newspaper to use the word “Allah”, after the government argued the decision could cause racial conflict.

Malaysia’s high court ruled last week that the Herald weekly had the right to use the word “Allah”, after a long-running dispute with the government in the Muslim-majority nation.

The paper has been using the word as a translation for “God” in its Malay-language section, but the government argued it should be used only by Muslims.

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail welcomed the high court’s decision to issue a stay order pending an appeal on the ruling in favour of the church, which triggered a series of protests from Muslim groups.

“I made the request for a stay as it is a matter of national interest,” Abdul Gani said at the court.

“We do not want the matter delayed and cause all kinds of tensions in the country” he told reporters. “I believe the Court of Appeal will hear the case very soon.”

The Herald’s editor Father Lawrence Andrew warned of a campaign of intimidation including hacker attacks against the weekly’s website, protest threats and widespread criticism in the media over last week’s ruling.

“We believe these actions (are designed) to create a climate of fear and a perceived threat to national security so as to pressure the court in reversing its decision,” he said in a statement.

Outside the court, Father Lawrence said the Herald had agreed to the suspension of the controversial ruling.

Food at first flush

Unspun supposes it is futile to ask why anyone would go to a restaurant that bases itself on the Toilet Bowl Concept?

Perhaps it attracts scatologists form all over the world. It apparently originated in Japan and has now seeped its way to Malaysia.

Unspun received notification of this restaurant through spam mail and fortunately had had breakfast before getting to the message.

I believed you have heard about the Toilet Bowl Restaurant before! Do you know that Malaysia, Penang also has this similar restaurant? Beside that, T-Bowl concept restaurant’s interior and the tableware design are base on the bathroom concept too. It lets you experience a different sense of taste and environment excitement. Further good news is that the T-Bowl restaurant will be setting his footstep in the Kuala Lumpur Sungei Wang Plaza, in order to let more people to be able to cater in a new generation of dining pleasure.

When a Muslim state government strays into the bedroom

Here we go again. Open mouth. Put foot in.

Would be very funny if not for the fact that the Terengganu government in Malaysia is probably dead serious about trying to bring romance into the bedroom for couples with flagging libidos.


Mon, Nov 2 08:22 AM

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) A Malaysian state government fretting about rising divorces said Monday it will offer classes on romance to help Muslim couples stay together even encourage them to bathe together to promote intimacy.

Officials will hire image consultants to hold workshops providing tips for wives on how to remain attractive, including using perfume and wearing lingerie to spice up their sex life, said Muhammad Ramli Nuh, a lawmaker in northern Terengganu state. Husbands should wear clean pajamas and reduce body odor.

The state will also invite cosmetics manufacturers to come up with special scents meant to “help sustain the happiness” in marriages, Muhammad Ramli said. Authorities in the Muslim-majority state are also urging couples to spend as much time together to boost their rapport, including by praying, eating and bathing together.

“Their time together shouldn’t only be in the bedroom sleeping,” Muhammad Ramli said. Muhammad Ramli, a top official in the state’s Islamic development council, did not immediately have data on divorces in Terengganu, but said it was “becoming a problem that must be tackled.”

The suggestion could appear bold in this Muslim-majority, conservative country where people generally do not discuss their private lives openly.

Who’s your worst spammer in Indonesia?

Unspun’s vote for the worst spammer, defined as some business that sends out spam mail, constantly and regardless of demographic, consumer preference or any inkling of the market – and do not even give you an option to unsubscribe – is PLaza Indonesia @ Entertainment X’nter.

This mofo sends you just about one HTML spam mail a day, sometimes more and they are irrelevant to me. They do not make me want to purchase the products advertised or entice me to go to Plaza Indonesia. In fact, they have the opposite. I now hate Plaza Indonesia and the clients who allow them to spam me. I hate them so much that I haven’t set foot in Plaza Indonesia for at least the past three months.

Next in line would be Telkomsel that spams you endlessly with SMS. It is inane and I can’t get them to stop it. It gos against the very grain of Web 2.0 marketing, which is about giving the customer control and making your products/services so attractive or useful that people would want to know more about you.

If anyone has the personal e-mail addresses of the Marketing Managers and the CEOs of these two organizations, please post them in the comments section. Unspun would encourage everyone to spam them to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Anyone else with candidates for the Worst Spammers in Indonesia award?

Bolehsia’s religious apartheid for maids

In Malaysia the politicians have really nothing better to do but to think of things that would be considered really stupid by right thinking people.

Here’s another example of Bolehsia’s intellectual caliber of its politicians. Do Malaysians even realize that Indonesians do not even come close to them in anal-ity (is that a word?) when it comes to race/religion issues?

Does this mean that only non-Muslims abuse their maids?

clipped from
Muslims Maids Only For Muslim Families

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama)– Pas Youth has called on the government to set down a regulation that Muslim maids from Indonesia or other countries are allowed to work only for Muslim families and non-Muslim families be allowed only non-Muslim maids.
The movement’s chief, Nasrudin Hassan, in a statement today said the matter had been suggested several times by it as well as by several non-governmental organisations so that the issue of the denial of right to pray, fast, halal food, comfortable and clean dwelling, and fair wages could be resolved.
Nasrudin said if the problem was not resolved and allowed to persist it would sour ties between the peoples of Malaysia and Indonesia.
He cited several recent cases of abuse of Indonesian maids that led the Indonesian Minister for Human Resources and Transmigration, Erman Suparno, to suggest temporarily halting Indonesian maids coming to Malaysia
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First class reasoning

Khir Toyo, the former Chief Minister of Selangor, a state in Malaysia, is typical one of those Umno officials who was able to achieve high office in spite of a lack of common sense. He is now being investigated for allegedly misusing public finds to finance he and his family’s luxury holidays.

How obtuse and stoopid are Malaysian officials of his ilk? How doe his brain, assuming he has one, function?Read Patrick Teoh below and laught your guts out:

When he was asked why he needed to fly 1st Class on these trips his reply was almost to say…… “if I as the boss don’t travel 1st class then how? Like my underlings have to travel in classes below me, right? So if I travel business class then some of them will have to sit in Economy and then those lower down ones how? There’s no more seats after Economy kan? That one cannot la. I cannot treat my people like that.”

“I have my entitlement. If I were to reduce my entitlement to what an officer gets then what is the officer going to reduce to? I am the chairman. There is the deputy chairman, board of directors, government officers going along. If I fly business class (not first class), then what happens to my state secretary? He will complain. If I am travelling alone it is easier. But I am travelling with a group of people and if I downgrade myself – it’s a problem for the others. But I never ask (for the pricey presidential suites or first class flights). Whatever they provide, I go along with.”

via Niamah!!!: No la…I only fly 1st Class because….