Metro TV to air Indon views about Tengku Adnan’s blooper

Unspun‘s been told that one of Jakarta’s top TV stations, Mero TV, has been interviewing a host of Indonesians including Budi Putra, Wimar Witoelar, Nukman Lutfie and Nila Tanzil on their views about Malaysian Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan’s outburst against bloggers. For more details look up Nukman’s posting here. (Photo from Wimar’s World via Nukman […]

MTB’s latest salvo: but what’s the issue?

Update 10.25pm: As Unspun predicted the backlash has begun. Just look at the comments to Indonesian news portal’s posting on Nila. They are overwhelmingly, save one person, critical of Malaysia and the TV station that terminated Nila. I am so embarassed by Tengku and the MTB and so should most Malaysians. I am posting […]

Bolehland: Anatomy of how an issue turns into a crisis

Amazing are the things that happen when one is away from internet range. While Unspun was luxuriating in tourism haven Bali, there was fervent activity in tourism purgatory, Bolehland. It turns out that in response to reporters’ questions about the allegations of an Indonesian TV travel host that the Malaysian Tourism Board had done a […]

Bakrie blames media for exaggerating misery of flood victims

Question: when is a person defensive? Answer: when everything that happens to them are caused by someone or something beyond their control So it is with Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Bakrie. Bakrie of Sidoarjo was last seem blaming Mother Nature for Lapindo (see Bakrie blames Mother Nature for Lapindo). Now Bakrie of the Slums […]

Bolehland: How not to invite journos for Visit Malaysia Year

It’s Visit Malaysia Year and what a better way to show off Bolehland than to get journalists from all over the world to report about Malaysia’s tourist attractions. So the Malaysian Tourism Board recently invited 190 journalists to witness the opening of the Floral Festival. While there they were expected to report on other attractions […]

Disconnect at the Novotel Semarang

More of people who don’t get it where WiFi or internet connections are concerned (see WiFi and short-sightedness rant here). I am sitting in my room at the Novotel Semarang. It looks like an efficient business hotel. Clean, responsive staff etc. It also has Wifi and internet connections – but at a price. To access […]

Cracking the undownable

This from Reporters Sans Frontiers. When, oh when, will the Malaysian Ministers ever learn to come out of denial and stop blaming the bloggers for their own inadequacies? The bloggers in Malaysia, such as Screenshots and Rockybru, are so powerful now because the Government muzzles the press. Now that technology makes it possible for one […]

New category/tag: shit-for-brains

There are people’s antics so stupid and obtuse that there is little to comment except to create a category to file accounts of their exploints under. So today Unspun begins filing stories of this nature under the tag: shit-for-brains. This from Rockybru: [Malaysian] Senator Syed Ali Syed Abbas Alhabshee says the decline in our youths’ […]