And why don’t Ahmad Hamidi go back to Jogjakarta?

I have emigrated. I have done so because of chauvinistic pigs like Ahmad Hamidi who think they have a better claim on the land where four generations of my family grew up in than relative newcomers like him. If you look at the Wikipedia entry into Wan Hamidi, it says that he is of Javanese […]

So is Malaysian Defense Minister Hamidi a pendatang as well?

So when Malaysian Defense Minister claims he is bumiputra or Malay in Malaysia, is he lying? Is he actually Malay (an anthropological impossibility as there is no such race except in the Malaysian Constitution and the minds of the cynical politicians) or an Orang Java (an ethnicity). His family migrated to Malaysia from Jogjakarta in […]

Sex and the single Indonesian

Another sign that too many officials in Indonesia have shit for brains. This draft law, if passed, seeks to penalise fucking among the unmarried. Unspun is curious Wahiduddin Adams, the director general for legislation at the Justice and Human Rights Ministry thinks are “the prevailing norms” of this society. As far as Unspun knows Indonesians like […]

Those behind all the stupid advice Najib gets?

Unspun’s often wondered where Malaysian Premier Najib Abdul Razak gets all the awful PR advice here and here. Now we know. The article below was in the March 9th edition of The Wall Street Journal. Should Malaysian citizens file a class action suit for wholesale incompetence while spending the taxpayers’ money? Malaysia’s U.S. Propaganda – […]

Raise heckles, not eyebrows at new school curriculum

It isn’t eyebrows but heckles that Indonesia’s new education curriculum should raise. What sort of reasoning goes behind an education philosophy that requires a 10th grade student to learn to be disciplined like an electron, “which always moves within its orbit.” Quacks talking about quarks. And there’s more shit-for-brains reasoning: Students, proclaim the new curriculum […]

Najib and the PSYchology of BN persuasion

Unspun mudik-ed to his kampung in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year and was tickled pink by the desperate efforts of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s attempt to shore up his support among the Chinese community for the upcoming national elections that must be held  in the first half of this year. The […]

Why Unspun endorses Speaker Marsuki’s claim that all men want more wives

The prudish and politically correct among us may squirm and get sanctimonous, but as a real Alpha-male Unspun must declare that House Speaker Marsuki Alie is definitely right all men would like to have more wives. Unspun, for instance, would like eight and here are the reasons why: 1. In between work, fighting the traffic […]

Asinine Asshiddique backing instead of damning Daming

The law is bound to be an ass when its highest judges exhibit asinine behaviour. Here we have Jimly Asshiddiqie, the former head of Indonesia’s Constitutional Court ,an institution that is supposed to exercise wisdom in the upholding and protection of Indonesia’s most important document, its Constitution, saying: “It’s part of  our culture to treat women inappropriately,”?  Jimly’s […]

Why Malaysian politicos get worked up by a Bible written in jawi

Indonesians will be forgiven if they are flabbergasted by the news item below. That’s because in Indonesia there is lacking that narrow-mindedness that is so common among Malaysian, particularly Malay politicians who are unable to distinguish between religion, culture and language. For you see, in Malaysia, race, and along with it religion and language, are […]