Ball bearings and horsehair shoved into penises? Eeeeewwwwwww!

I don’t know about you but the story by the ever fascinating Elizabeth Pisani who’s traveling in East Indonesia right now makes me feel all queasy – especially where they shove ball bearings, biro parts, human hair and horse hair into their penises – all in the believe that size matters. Men who laugh at […]

Unspun’s impressions of Mrauk U in Tempo English

Been a long time since Unspun played writer (as opposed to a mere blogger) and Tempo, the English version of the magazine, this week carried his travels and impressions in a 6-page spread from the ancient city of Mrauk U in Myanmar. Here it is: For more photos of Sittwe and Mrau U, go here […]

Wisdom of Whores Takes Tea with the Dead

Unspun’s past life was as a journalist in a newspaper too incredible to be true, The Asia Times. It was a menagerie of strange characters from an editor who spoke like he was high all the time as speakers taller than him blasted Wagnerian music out of his office, to his deputy who had been […]

Spiritual Museum 3.0: Stroke of genius or marketing spin?

Herman Kartajaya has managed to position himself as a marketing guru to Indonesia and an international audience, although Unspun, probably because of low intellectual capacity has never really understood what he’s on about. Now, swimming into the blue ocean of a 3.0 world while the rest of us are stuck in 2.0 Hermawan aims to […]

Impressions of Sister Jie Land

Guillin, China, has been a tourist hub for thousands of years. Over the Christmas break Unspun and family thought they’d try to go to somewhere cold but when we got there it was freezing at a daily average temperature of ) to 3 degrees C. The cold notwithstanding Guilin is a fun tourist destination. Things […]

A journey back in time to Taiping

Time distorts, and its greatest distortion, more than 30 years after I left Taiping where I spent my childhood and teenage years,  was in the dimensions of the house I grew up in. It had seemed so large when I was a boy. The rooms and garden that I had wandered through in the spacious […]