Crash and Burn: DVDs of 2012 by school kids

All very commendable for elementary school students to support their religious wallahs in protesting against a movie. Unspun, however is curious whether the DVDs they burned were legal copies or the cheap pirated stuff you get at Ratu Plaza and other illegal vendors.

If it is the latter then you have to wonder what MUI has to say about respecting intellectual property rights. LOL


(Pic and story from The Jakarta Globe)

A vendor sells DVD copies of the film "2012" in Central Jakarta. (Photo: Trish Anderton, JG)

Indonesian Elementary School Students Set Fire To ‘2012’ Film DVDs

The controversy over the film “2012” continued on Wednesday when hundreds of elementary school students in Bogor, West Java, set fire to DVD copies of the disaster film.

Students at Kemang Elementary School in Bogor burned “2012” DVDs and posters in their school playground.

One of the students, named Rifki, said the end of days could not be determined by man because it was God’s secret.

“Nobody knows about the end of days, not even prophets or angels,” Rifki told

After they finished torching the DVDs, the students held a prayer session.

Protests against the movie were also voiced by the Riau branch of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI). Mahdini, the head of Riau’s MUI, said that the movie had violated God’s power.

“Nobody in the world could imagine the catastrophe of the end of the world. “2012” is misleading,” Mahdini said.

Meanwhile, MUI chairman Amidhan suggested that the Indonesian Film Censor Board (LSF) withdraw the movie from cinemas, saying that the board did not do a good job of editing the film, which could lead to more controversy.

Amidhan said there was a part of the movie that showed a collapsed mosque, but there was no footage of a collapsed church.

“The board should have cut the footage (of the collapsed mosque). If the movie only showed a church, no problem, but they also showed a mosque. We have a difference in culture,” Amidhan told

The MUI branch in Malang, East Java, issued a fatwa on the film on Monday, calling it “improper and misleading” and the Surakata branch in Central Java also expressed its opposition on Tuesday.

The film, directed by Roland Emmerich, portrays the earth’s destruction following the movement of the magnetic poles and shows various disasters sweeping the globe such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.


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