Pesta Blogger now open to well wishers and contributors

With eight days to go to Pesta Blogger 2007 the Steering Committee has been inudated with inquiries from well wishers wanting to know if they might be able to make donations of gifts or cast to help make this event, the first ever large scale national gathering of bloggers, a success.

Any company or individual interested in becoming a well wisher/contributor to Pesta Blogger can check out the website for more information. Or the can contact event manager Hanny by email. We are looking for gifts and stuff that we can insert into the goodie bags for participants. Remember, however, that this is a not-for-profit event, it is informal and results of all contributions will be listed, audited and reported at the Pesta Blogger website after the event.

Many businesses and individuals have contributed selflessly and generously to make this event a success that we think it will be and this is as good a time as any to thank them.

Microsoft Indonesia and Nokia Indonesia were first off the mark in becoming sponsors. XL Business Solutions was next to agree to become a sponsor. Kompas Cyber Media, Koran Tempo, and The Jakarta Post were all very accommodating and fabulous as media partners. Others to thank are Rony at Jogja who designed the Pesta Blogger Button , Jerry Aurum for designing the Pesta Blogger logo and Rangga Sastrowardoyo who chipped in to design the newspaper ads for Pesta Blogger which will appear next week.

Among the well wishers and contributors, those who have joined the party are Mobile Magazine, Digital Mark Reader and Mr. Potato. Keep abreast with the news at

( Disclosure: Unspun works at Maverick which is helping to organize the Pesta Blogger)