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Jakarta Globe 9; Jakarta Post 0

Unspun wonders what the portents must be for the venerable Jakarta Post when an upstart new English daily that is just one-year old can field nine finalists in the prestigious Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna journalism awards while the Jakarta Post, which has always prided itself being the best in a field of one for years, didn’t even have a single name in the finalists’ list.

The  list was announced last week and the awarding night will be next Thursday, on December 3.

Judges of the AAS during an evaluation session

The Globe’s Dewi Kurniawati was shortlisted for her article “Miseries of Our Migrant Workers: A world of Peril, Crime, and Crushed Dreams” and Hera Diani was shortlisted for her investigative efforts, that is part of a series, of the “Cost of Smoking.”

It was, however, in the photojournalism section that The Jakarta Globe showed its prowess with seven nominations.  There will be a few justifying quips in The Post’s newsroom that goes something like  “Of course they are going to win, they have so many pages to fill and not enough copy to do it.” That, however, is besides the point. The fact is that in a fair fight adjudged by respected industry figures the Jakarta Globe trounced the Jakarta Post.

The Globe’s photojournalist finalists are below:

Economy and business

M. Safir Makki – Jakarta Globe. “Gimme Shelter”

Jurnasyanto Sukarno – Jakarta Globe. “Trade Suspension”


Yudhi Sukma Wijaya – Jakarta Globe.  “Squeaky Clean”


Jurnasyanto Sukarno – Jakarta Globe.  “The Serial Killer”

M. Safir Makki – Jakarta Globe.  “Faces in the Crowd”

Arts and Culture

Yudhi Sukma Wijaya – Jakarta Globe. “Baca Mantra”
Yudhi Sukma Wijaya – Jakarta Globe. “Refleksi Seniman Batik”

So what does this say of the state of competition among the only two English language dailies in Indonesia? Several questions pop to mind:

1. Would the bosses and editors at The Post treat this as a wake up call, or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand?

2. Who actually produces a better paper these days? The Globe or the Post? Perhaps raders of this posting might want to help inform the papers with this simple poll below.