BCA statement on missing funds a hoax?

It is incredible when you think about it: BCA, one of the largest banks in the country beset with electronic theft at its ATMs in Bali and God-knows where and the bank, after more than a day, has yet to issue any formal statement about it. Is BCA concerned? Is anyone taking this seriously? WillContinue reading “BCA statement on missing funds a hoax?”

Potential crisis: How will BCA cope with reports about missing funds?

Update 2pm: 2 more local banks named as suffering from the same problem of disappearing funds on Twitter. A Twitterer quotes a BCA officer as saying that the problem is mainly confined to customers who use internet or online banking. Classic uncontrolled communications among front-line staff in crisis-like situations. Unspun‘s alter ego penned some thoughtsContinue reading “Potential crisis: How will BCA cope with reports about missing funds?”