Its SEA-SONed not ASEAN Bloggers

For years, ASEAN officials – the bureaucrats in the governments and the Secretariat – have zealously guarded the ASEAN name like high priests, even while they claim that their ultimate aim is to create one region wide community and identity.

So it is with some irony that when the bloggers in these countries finally get together – where else but in cyberspace and in Facebook at that – they decided not to call themselves ASEAN bloggers but the South East Asian Social Network (SEASONed) Bloggers.

Kudos to them for showing the authorities that they are no one’s tools for pledges, swearing ins and declarations and pabulum that is soooo ASEAN.

Now the Facebook is humming with ideas about aggregating blogs throughout the region and other initiatives.

This, of course opens up the question of what the ASEAN Secretariat and the governments should be doing to engage the region’s youth and its bloggers, now and especially in the future.

There will be lots of temptations for ASEAN and its consultants to try to bring bloggers under their fold to serve some bureaucratic itch for ostentatious displays of loyalty and regional camaraderie by forming groups and having them perform arcane bureaucratic rituals.

But that would be folly. Trying to control bloggers is worse than herding cats. The best thing the ASEAN evinces can and should do is to create the infrastructure and platforms for bloggers to meet, exchange ideas and do their own thing – as they are now doing on Facebook without – or in spite of the help of authorities.

A crisis-like situation confronting F&N Dairies in Malaysia?

Students of crisis and issues management as well as crisis communications should find this case interesting. This case came to Unspun‘s attention when Edward Skading posted a comment in this blog that says:

Dear Blogger,


My name is Edward Skading and I am writing to seek your corporation and support to help me uphold our consumer rights against F&N Dairies’ Contaminated Condensed Sweet Milk – Tea Pot brand.

The full information is posted on my weblog If you wish to contact me please send an email to

I would greatly appreciate your support to expose this incident to all Malaysians because it seems like most main stream media is not interested in this horrible discovery. I wish they would take notice.

I am also in the midst of being taken to court by F&N because of my determination for transparency and truth.

Please come forward and help me. I would greatly value it.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Edward Skading

Unspun does not have all the facts at hand and cannot tell who is in the right or who is in the wrong here, but on reading Edward’s blog and the comments posted there, it looks like F&N Dairies is losing the image war and about to be taught a lesson on what damage one pissed off citizen with access to the internet and a few simple Web 2.0 tools can inflict on a huge corporation.

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Malaysian household name to start blogging soon?

Unspun‘s been told that someone who’s virtually a household name in Malaysia will will be unveiling their blog soon, probably early next month. The blog will mainly be about politics and public affairs. It will probably be on blogspot. The author already has a website that’s more an archive.  Keep your eyes peeled.