Did APCO deliver the goods to Najib et al? Here’s how to find out

Unspun learned about the article below in Malaysian Insider from Opah. Its a nice piece of business for APCO and while the Opposition in Malaysia were right to query about the amount paid, they are asking the wrong questions. Any successful public relations effort ultimately changes one or more of three things: awareness, attitude and... Continue Reading →

Here we go with Pesta Blogger 2010

The blogging community has begun gearing up for Pesta Blogger 2010 that wil probably be held around October. Yesterday, Pesta Blogger 2009 chairperson Iman Brotoseno (@imanbr )sent out a message to Tweeps (with the hashtag #chairmanPB2010) asking who they thought should be the chairperson for Pesta Blogger 2010. There were lots of responses and nominations... Continue Reading →

Indonesia’s fastest growing blogs

Fashion blogs have become the most popular category of blogs in Indonesia. Talking Points examines this phenomenon and the reasons behind the rise of the Indonesian blogs. The Rise of Fashionista 2.0 When blogging started to develop in Indonesia in the early 2000s, many people were skeptical. Some wondered if it was only a passing... Continue Reading →

Twitter trending topic Panasonic Gobel another sign of Indonesia’s cutting edg in new media?

The article below from TechCrunch is yet another testimony of how active Indonesians are in new media. Apparently Indonesia is the world's fourth largest source of Tweets - after the US, Japan and Brazil. Unspun doesn't have the stats, but there seems to be lots of anecdotal evidence that , what's happening in the social... Continue Reading →

Malaysia the poster child for social media adoption? Ptui!

You gotta laugh at this article (below from PR Weeek) as you no longer wonder why traditional media is on such a steep decline. To make the claim in the headline that "Malaysia is rapidly becoming he psoter-child for the transformative power of social media" has got to be as preposterous as saying that the... Continue Reading →

Onliners 1: Minister 0

Tifatul Sembiring made a debut as Indonesian Information Minister by courting bloggers. Two days after his appointment as minister he accept an impromptou invitation and showed up at Pesta Blogger 2009 to open the event. There he promised freedom of expression - with the usual caveat about responsibility. Since then he's been Twittering furiously and... Continue Reading →

Would you want to stay in the US if you’re a Muslim?

The US Embassy in Jakarta has, since its early days of cooperation with Pesta Blogger in 2007,¬† plunged into social media with a zeal that only Americans can have. Its Facebook page, for instance, has nearly 24,500 fans and its latest initiative is to use its Facebook fan base together with its ties with Kompas... Continue Reading →

Yosef Ardi back, now with RSS

Unspun's laments, believe it or not, ¬†sometimes gets heard. Back in June last year Unspun wrote that Yosef Ardi, former researcher at Bisnis Indonesia who used to run a very informative blog for businesspeople, Indonesia Today, had begun blogging again after a hiatus. His return then, however, was sporadic in the frequency of his postings... Continue Reading →

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