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White tiger mauls man, caught on video, says Detik.com

Note: apparently the video was taken some time ago, probably overseas, but someone somehow picked it up and attributed it to Safari Park Indonesia. Things like this can happen anytime and misinformation can be construed as news. How would you innoculate yourself against such incidents?


Reader Hendra has just informed Unspun that detik.com has run a story saying that someone’s captured on video a white tiger mauling a man.

He says:  “I haven’t seen the video myself, but Detik.com description about the video’s content left little doubt that this is indeed really happening. The park’s owner has issued a denial[2], but I strongly suspect this situation will grow into in a major PR brouhaha.”

Thanks for the tipoff Hendra. Let’s see how this case unravels. A bit difficult to deny or sweep under the carpet if a white tiger has actually mauled someone, what more if its caught on video.

Video Harimau Putih Makan Manusia Gegerkan Warga Bogor

Anwar Hidayat – detikNews


Bogor – Video berisi rekamanan seekor harimau putih sedang memangsa manusia menggegerkan warga Bogor, Jawa Barat. Peristiwa tersebut diduga terjadi di kebun bintang di Indonesia.

Pengamatan detikcom, Sabtu (28/11/2009), dalam video berformat 3GP dengan durasi 2 menit 45 detik itu, tampak seekor harimau sedang memangsa manusia. Korban diduga pria berpakaian mirip seragam satpam berwarna biru donker dengan sepatu boot. Sementara seekor harimau lainnya hanya berdiam diri di sekitarnya.

Pada menit pertama di video itu juga terdengar teriakan sejumlah orang saat harimau tersebut beraksi. “Pergi…pergi…tolong…tolong,” demikian suara yang terekam dalam video tersebut.

Suasana di lokasi kejadian yang terekam dalam video tersebut mirip kebun binatang Taman Safari, Cisarua Bogor. Kedua harimau tersebut tidak dikurung dalam sebuah kandang besar, tetapi tampak bebas berkeliaran.

Pada menit kedua, video menampilkan rekaman gambar di sebuah ruangan yang mirip kamar jenazah sebuah Rumah Sakit (RS). Tampak seseorang berkaos polisi dan sejumlah petugas melakukan identifikasi terhadap mayat yang diletakan di atas sebuah meja. Mayat tersebut hanya mengenakan celana panjang berwarna biru donker. Tubuh bagian atasnya mengalami luka yang cukup parah, terutama pada bagian lehernya.

Di video tersebut juga terdengar percakapan sejumlah orang. Sayangnya rekaman percakapan tersebut tidak terdengar jelas. Namun yang pasti, pembicaraan tersebut dilakukan dalam bahasa Indonesia.

'Ini nih…jadinya begini,” ujar seseorang dalam pembicaraan yang terekam itu.


via detikNews : Video Harimau Putih Makan Manusia Gegerkan Warga Bogor.

Teachers are doing it for themselves – on the Net

How do you help increase the quality of education in Indonesia?

Well, if you’re Citibank, (disclosure: they are our clients and we helped in this project) one way is to help set up a forum where teachers can help themselves, learn from each other and discus ideas.

And this was what Citi did in conjunction with their NGO partner, HOPE Indonesia.

The Aksi Guru website

Yesterday, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts under the Citi Peka unbrella, Citi among other things launched the website aksiguru.org that it says is probably the first of its kind in Indonesia aimed at supporting teachers’ peer-development and student outreach.

It says high school teachers in Indonesia can, through aksiguru.org, embrace social media as a means of communication and a tool that has the potential to facilitate information and experience sharing among the education community. Through the site, teachers can exchange ideas and thoughts, and most importantly interact with their students most of whom are already tech-savvy.  Citi, in is media release, added:

“We hope to boost teachers peer development by launching the Aksiguru.org website,” said Charles Ham, Country Director Yayasan Hope Indonesia. “The use of internet and social media as a means for widespread communication is remains relatively low among teachers in the country, and we hope to generate teachers’ interest and eagerness in sharing their creative teaching methods with others though this site,” he continued.

“We have seen Indonesian teachers’ ability to create interesting learning activities continues to grow over based on the 4,448 proposals CSF received in the past seven years. Now is time for these teachers to inspire one another through Aksiguru.org,” says Ditta Amahorseya, Director-Country Corporate Affairs Head, Citi Indonesia “We hope for CSF grant recipients and other high school teachers become role models for each other and their respective schools as well as pioneer education methods that are innovative, creative, and inspiring.”

As with so many sites utilizing social media these days aksiguru.org also uses Twitter and Facebook to amplify its messages.

From the response so far, it looks like teachers are taking to this new form of cooperation, co-learning and collaboration.

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The 2.0 Indonesian teacher

There are many bright sparks in the vast, seemingly barren landscape of education in Indonesia. Agus Sampurno is one such spark and he’s using his blog and  Twitter account to inspire others and ahare experiences with them.

Full report in Talking Points

Pendidikan Indonesia dan Guru 2.0

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“Saat ini, kita mempersiapkan siswa kita untuk pekerjaan yang belum ada. Kita persiapkan mereka mengakrabi teknologi untuk memecahkan masalah yang belum ada.”

Kira-kira begitulah yang disampaikan Agus Sampurno–seorang guru SD yang fasih menggunakan social media termasuk blog, Twitter dan Facebook. Pak Guru yang aktif di Twitter dengan akun @gurukreatif ini yakin bahwa guru, dengan segala keterbatasannya, bisa menjadi guru yang kreatif. Guru Kreatif

Blog Guru Kreatif“Guru dan buku bukan lagi sumber pengetahuan saat ini,” kata Pak Agus. “Murid-murid sudah fasih mencari bahan-bahan dan informasi di Google dan search engine lainnya. Guru harus siap dengan ini semua,” ujarnya saat berkunjung untuk sharing session mingguan Maverick Jumat lalu.


Pak Agus pun bertutur mengenai bagaimana seorang guru di era 2.0 ini harus mengubah sikap dan pola pikir mereka. Kedisiplinan tidak bisa lagi diterapkan lewat rasa takut atau sikap galak; tetapi lewat rasa hormat. Rasa hormat timbul ketika siswa bisa merasa nyaman berada di kelas, dan merasa bebas untuk berinteraksi dengan gurunya. Rasa nyaman inilah yang harus dipupuk oleh seorang guru kepada para siswanya.

Salah satunya, lewat cara belajar yang kreatif.

via admin | Maverick Indonesia.

The Cicak who could

After experiencing a viral attack on our old host, Maverick shifted our blog to another host and it’s finally working again. We’re tweaking the blog but here’s something that I posted on on the resurrected blog this morning:

Lessons for Business in the Cicak-Buaya fight

There is a valuable lesson for Business in the conflict between the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Police Force.

It is a lesson of what to do when a seemingly vulnerable institution is threatened by a powerful one. It is the story of how, in Indonesian terms, the cicak (gecko) managed to stand its ground against the bullying buaya (crocodile).

Compared to the Police, which has wide ranging powers and seemingly unlimited resources , the KPK’s influence and power is miniscule. So when it came under attack from the police for alleged corruption among its commissioners, the KPK was in a quandary.

If the KPK was a business entity it would most likely hire an expensive lawyer, engage some lobbyists to probe who could be mollified to settle the issue, and then hunker down in silence. It would also have gone into denial, treating the matter as a pure legal issue and hope that the truth would set them free in a court of law.

If the KPK had done all these, they would have been finished by now.

Read more here.


The plugged, in Twittering new Indonesian Information Minister

The new Information and Communications Minister Tifatul Sembiring is an interesting politician if nothing else. He was officially appointed to his post two days before Pesta Blogger on 24 October.

When the Pesta Blogger committee met we discussed whether to invite him and many of us thought that he would be too busy to attend a non-mainstream event such as Pesta Blogger.

But we decided to give it a go anyway and through Shinta, she with all the connections, we sent word to Tifatul that we would be delighted if he would attend. Surprisingly, he said he would. More surprisingly, he showed up (instead of delegating it to a director general as many monisters are won’t to do). Most surprisingly, he showed up on time (as many ministers don’t).

While in the VIP room waiting for Pesta Blogger to begin he was good natured and accessible, accepting interviews even from BBC radio in English. Apart from the fact that because of religious reasons he does not shake hands with women, he was all charm and when he addressed the bloggers, he adhered the crowd to him by saying that he was a blogger and a Twitterer who became a minister.

One for the album: Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring (middle) poses with some of the Pesta Blogger Committee members just before the event

These days he still tweets regularly  and he was quoted in one of the newspapers today that his Facebook page now had so many friends thathe cannot accept anymore – yet there were 10,000 pending friend requests.

Is Tifatul the new breed of politicians — media and tchno-savvy, at least bilingual and  populist — that we will be seeing from now on?

Is Tifatul someone that Malaysian ministers could benefit to learn from?

This from The Jakarta Post today:

Tifatul Sembiring is the minister who tweets

The Jakarta Post |  Mon, 11/02/2009 10:05 AM  |  People

JP/R.Berto WedhatamaJP/R.Berto Wedhatama

JAKARTA: How can a top government official get comments and ideas directly from the people?

By tweeting, of course. At least, for new Information and Communications Minister Tifatul Sembiring, twitter is the feedback medium of choice.

After his inauguration last month, Tifatul introduced himself to fellow twitterers with the nickname @tifsembiring. He immediately gathered a large following.

While many politicians might prefer to maintain a serious demeanor, Tifatul likes to tweet humorous poems.

He is also seeking input from members of the public by asking what they want in the telecommunications sector, using hashtag #tifsembiringasking.

Asked whether it is actually he who tweets, Tifatul said, “Sometimes I do. Tweets are short so I can still write them.”

Tweets at @boediono — for Vice President Boediono — are not written by the VP, but members of his staff.

Tifatul added jokingly, “That’s why I said to fellow bloggers at the blogger party [last month], you’re lucky that a blogger became minister.” — JP

Love thy neighbor and teach them to be polygamous

Love they neighbor, the say. And in this case neighborly love takes on a weird manifestation as Malaysia exports the concept of a polygamy club to Indonesia. Of course the ungrateful Indonesian men could do naught but spurn the poffered gifts from its neighbor.

Perhaps this is because the polygamy club  is not the only well-known export that Malaysia contributes to its Serumpun neighbor: the other reknowned export is Nordin M. Top, for many years the most waned terrorist in Indonesia who is believed to be behind the Marriot and Ritz carlton bombings, the Bali mBombings and the Australian Embassy bombings.

This story from The Jakarta Globe:

Indonesian Men’s Group Takes Stand Against Polygamy, Branding It Discriminatory

A number of men have formed a group to counter the controversial launch of a local branch of a Malaysia-based “polygamy club” in Bandung.

Speaking at a news conference at the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) in Jakarta on Sunday, Wawan Suwandi, a member of the Men’s Coalition to Reject Polygamy, said the failure of a growing number of men to consider women’s perspectives on polygamy had forced them to act.

“The practice of polygamy is so patriarchal — there is no gender equality,” said Wawan, who also works for a women’s rights group, the Women’s Journal Foundation (YJP).

“We want to share this critical awareness with society and ask men to promote this awareness.”

Wawan said the topic of polygamy was brought up now more than ever before, especially by elements that support what he called a discriminatory and degrading practice.

Last month, Bandung played host to about 150 people from across the nation to launch the first Indonesian branch of the controversial Global Ikhwan Polygamy Club.

The video that launched Pesta Blogger 2009

It’s good to have film directors as chairman of Pesta Bloggers. They make good videos. This inspiring and amusing video was made by Iman Brotoseno as part of the launching ceremony of Pesta Blogger 2009 on Saturday.

The video brought together the weeks of blogshops – workshops where Indonesians were taught how to blog – and meet ups – mini Pesta Bloggers – in 10 cities throughout Indonesia.

We had a record attendance with 1,440 participants and about 150 sponsors and their helpers. That makes it over 1,500 people, the largest Pesta Blogger to date.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The video that launched Pesta Blogger…“, posted with vodpod

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and lots more, too much to mention here.





Down to the wire with Pesta Blogger

Today is the eve of Pesta Blogger and things are starting to come together. I just had lunch with Mr Brown, one of Singapore’s most prominent bloggers who will be at Pesta Blogger today and take part in the breakout session on Bridging the Gap.The session would be moderated by one of Indonesia’s most influential bloggers,

Mr Brown
Mr Brown

Ndoro Kakung and Unspun, a nobody. (I’ll focus on some of the sessions that would be conducted at least partly in English. Information in Bahasa Indonesia on Pesta Blogger is already plentiful.)


It should be interesting to get Mr Brown’s sometimes hilarious take on the gaps in understanding between the neighboring countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The last time Unspun checked, Indonesia was accusing Malaysia of stealing its culture, Malaysia was accusing Singapore of stealing its food to the extent that it was thinking of patenting some of the more popular dishes.

Bridging the gap of another sort is Arsalan Iftikhar, who would be Skyping in from Washington. Arsalan is a correspondent in the Anderson Cooper 360 program on CNN. Healso blogs as The Muslim Guy and was recently named by Elan as one of “The 10 Best Twitter Accounts Muslims Should Follow.”His Twitter handle is @TheMuslimGuy.

The Muslim Guy Arsalan
The Muslim Guy Arsalan

He’ll be discussing perception gaps between Muslims and the West and other countries. He should also have some fresh insights on what Muslims  should do in the social network space to bridge the gaps.

In the breakout session on Photo/video blogging will be Kristupa Saragih, Anto and Anothony Bianco, an Australian blogger who has been travelling rough through Sumatra and Java since the begining of this month just to get to Pesta Blogger. He’s been roughing it so much that he was in a stupor of sleep his afternoon that he missed lunch with Mr Brown, Unspun and Beradadisini.

Mark Frauenfelder

The Beyond Blogging breakout session will feature Corvida Raven, the “Opra of the Net”, Koprol’s Satya

Corvida Raven
Corvida Raven

Witeolar, Joko Anwar and Mark Frauenfelder, the co-founder of Boing Boing.

Brian Giesen

And flying up from Sydney will be Brian Giesen, a digital influence specialist who will take part in the Breakout Session on Blogpreneurship, together with Fashionese Daily, Nukman Luthfi and Roni Yuzirman.

The breakout sessions start at 2pm and goes till 4pm.

The Pesta Blogger itself starts at 10am shart but re-registration and ticket sales start at 8am. So far over 1,100 people have registered but many participants are hoping to walk in and buy tickets, so if you’re planning to come then come early as we’re expecting a crush of people at the door and there may be a queue even though we are trying tp process eight lanes of participants in one go.

So see you guys at Pesta Blogger 2009 tomorrow at the SMESCO Building.

Beyonce, Fortune and Malaysian censors on a power trip

Malaysia continues to make itself a laughing stock in the world. The Truly Ridiculous state has taken to trying to ban Beyonce from performing again (see first time here) unless she’s “appropriately” dressed.” It is as if a Beyonce, as seen on MTV or Channel V, will at one go corrupt the morals of the Malaysian population and turn them into sexual deviants. That’s why the religious wallahs have given her the ultimatum of dressing appropriately or be denied the permit to perform in Malaysia.
Will she turn Malaysian men into sexual deviants dressed like that - or are they already diviants?
Will she turn Malaysian men into sexual deviants dressed like that - or are they already deviants?

Guess what? Beyonce probably does not need such flak or the money from Malaysia. So Malaysians are likely to go without Beyonce’s performance again this Sunday.

But such Truly Ridiculous mentality is only to be expected from a country who would even wield the “oh so last century” censorship technique of using a black marker to censor a magazine.

And what did they censor. As Chun Wai reports in his blog, the marijuana leaf symbol on actress Mary Louise Parker’s singlet on the cover of Fortune Magazine.

The logic here must be that if the marijuana leaf symbol is seen by Malaysians then they would overnight turn into dangers drug addicts who rob, pillage and mug old women.

What a trip divorced from reality these guys in Malaysia are. Instead of getting their knickers in a twist about skin and marijuana they should just go to the US, as for some medical marijuana, inhale some of that stuff and chill.

clipped from chunwai08.blogspot.com

We have seen how the censors ridiculously black out pictures of topless tribal women in National Geographic but even financial magazine Fortune has not been spared. My September issue of Fortune came with this shocking censorship.

On the cover is a picture of actress Mary Louise Parker, who acts as a single mother who sells weed to support her family in the hit TV series “Weed.” On the right hand corner, our censor’s black marker pen “censored” out something. I was not sure at first what was on it but as you can see from the cover above (which can be easily found online), what our censors found objectional turned out to be a picture of the subject matter being discussed.
blog it

Pesta Blogger this Saturday and the tickets are running out fast

After months of planning, negotiating with sponsors, looking for the venue and running the blogshops in 10 cities throughout Indonesia Pesta Blogger 2009 is finally on to its last lap.

Registration for the most coveted annual event among bloggers and social networkers opened on Thursday and so far 750 people have registered. The Pesta Blogger Committee is limiting the number of participants to 1,200 this year because of space limitations, even in the recently completed SMESCO Building. So hurry to Pestablogger.com to register for a place or be prepared to stay outside the event of the year for bloggers.

This year’s Pesta Blogger was preceded by blogshops, workshops teaching newbies how to blog, in 10 cities, courtesy of Pesta Blogger’s main sponsor, the US Embassy in Jakarta. The workshops were followed by a discussion session on issues related to blogging in Indonesia, hosted by prominent national bloggers such as Enda Nasution, Wicaksono aka Ndoro Kakung and Iman Brotoseno (this year’s PB chairman). What follow is a kopdar or meet and greet session between local bloggers and their national counterparts. The blogshops have been very successful so far, judging from the enthusiastic response from the cities visited.

This year’s Pesta Blogger itself will also feature some special guests, depending on how things firm up over the next few days. We are expecting a blogger to travel all the way from the US to Jakarta and surrounding cities just for the Pesta Blogger. There is a rumor that Prita Mulyasari might be there. There is also an expectation that singer and former child star Sherina will not only attend but also entertain the participants; as will cult folk singers Endah and Ressa.

Mr Brown, one of Singapore’s most prominent bloggers and certainly the most entertaining, will revisit Pesta Blogger this year. He was our guest last year and this year he’s threatening to bring his weird sense of humor back to him and participate in Petsa Blogger, as well as taking a leading role in one of the breakout sessions.

Another guest of PB 2008 but who’s returning this year is Antony Bianco, aka The Travel Tart. He’s chosen this year to take the scenic route to Jakarta, courtesy of Air Asia. The airline has flown him to Sumatra and he’s worked his way tasting local fare, staying and taking with locals from Aceh to Semarang today, where, Unspun‘s told, he will be attending a wedding.

With less than a week to go it looks like Pesta Blogger is shaping up to be quite a show. So if you don’t want o miss it, register yourself at pestablogger.com now, before the tickets run out.