Unspun’s impressions of Mrauk U in Tempo English

Been a long time since Unspun played writer (as opposed to a mere blogger) and Tempo, the English version of the magazine, this week carried his travels and impressions in a 6-page spread from the ancient city of Mrauk U in Myanmar. Here it is: For more photos of Sittwe and Mrau U, go hereContinue reading “Unspun’s impressions of Mrauk U in Tempo English”

Have blogs will protest: Free Burma action this Thursday

Here’s a way to use your blog to good effect. clipped from www2.free-burma.org Take part in this action for a Free Burma! Taking part in the Free Burma! campaign is as simple as possible: If you are a website owner or blogger you just have to post one entry on the 4th of October 2007Continue reading “Have blogs will protest: Free Burma action this Thursday”

Have internet will protest: join the online petition on Burma

The folks at avaaz.org is organizing an online petition against the military junta in Burma for cracking down on monks and other protesters.Do something about it now. Join the online petition and add your voice against the assholes of this world. clipped from http://www.avaaz.org Stand with the Burmese Protesters After decades of military dictatorship, theContinue reading “Have internet will protest: join the online petition on Burma”

Have Facebook will Protest

Another avenue of objecting to the men of SLORC or whatever they call themselves these days. If you’re in Facebook (some of you are not? where have you been) then join the group “Support the Monks Protest in Burma“. It’s got 10,694 members so far. Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu. Separately, it is an interesting way toContinue reading “Have Facebook will Protest”