Tibet, China, the Olympic Torch and the White Man’s Burden

Unspun’s often wondered about the rightness of foreigners taking up causes in other people’s countries.

Unspun wonders if the Dutch citizen arrested in today’s pro-Tibet-anti-China Olympics rally ever thinks of the following questions:

  • what if the majority of Indonesians are indifferent or support the Olympics?
  • what if the majority of Indonesians can’t give a toss about the tiff between those protesting on behalf the Tibetans and China?
  • what if Indonesians feel that its their home and if anyone is to do the protesting it should be them rather than some Dutch guy with a self imposed White Man’s Burden on his shoulders?
  • what if Indonesians, and for that matter citizens of any country, resent misguided do gooders coming into their country to ride their hobby horses?
clipped from www.thejakartapost.com

Police detained eight people, including a Dutch citizen, and seized flags from pro-Tibet activists in Indonesia on Tuesday as the Olympic torch relay staggered its way through Asia.
Security was tight with water cannons and 3,000 police officers deployed around the main sports stadium in the bustling capital, Jakarta, where the relay was held before a small, invitation-only crowd, said deputy police chief Herri Wibowo.
China had hoped the journey of its Olympic flame worldwide would be a showcase of solidarity and support for its games, which begin in August. But criticism of Beijing’s human rights record has turned the relay into one of the most contentious in recent history.
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