Toraja is indeed Melo II – Death, Funerals and Graves

Continued from Toraja is indeed Melo I – Batutumonga and the Bamboo Forest This is the second of a three-part account of a recent short trip to Tana Toraja. Situated in the highlands of central Sulawesi, it is a land of breathtaking beauty, rugged landscapes and and a unique culture that embraces death, bloody sacrifices […]

The one Suharto analysis you should read

Unspun has not hig regard for the FEER but thinks highly of Jeremy Wagstaff, a former correspondent for the Asian Wall Street Journal and now a tech columnist, a blogger and an author to boot. In the analytical piece below you will see why. Way before he reinvented himself into a tech columnist Jeremy was […]

Suharto’s death: why the surprise?

Why is it that Death always seems to either surprise, shock, and sadden people into reverence?For an alternative attitude about Death visit here. clipped from Indonesia ex-leader Suharto dies Indonesian ex-leader Suharto, 86, has died after suffering multiple organ failure for the second time this month. He died at 1310 (0610 GMT) after slipping […]