Anwar the champion of democracy?

Those of you who have forgotten history and think that Anwar might be the right person to restore democracy, make things right and make the world a better place if becomes Prime Minister might want to read this post from the every expressive Patrick Teoh. Here’s the relevant extract:

Another thing that surprised me is that the self-appointed champion of the people, Anwar Ibrahim has been so quiet on the issue of RPK’s arrest and detention in Kamunting. On the day that RPK was sent off to the detention centre Anwar’s blog carried a headline advertising his interview with Al Jazeera!!! And how he is the ‘spark’ that lit Reformasi or some crap like that. (Well, he did issue a statement today, it’s on his blog now, that did mention RPK in one line. And of course today his own ass…sorry…is on the line.)

Have Facebook will Protest

Another avenue of objecting to the men of SLORC or whatever they call themselves these days. If you’re in Facebook (some of you are not? where have you been) then join the group “Support the Monks Protest in Burma“. It’s got 10,694 members so far. Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu.

Separately, it is an interesting way to use a social media network for a cause or an issue. Just imagine if someone started a Watching Suhato’s Wealth Group, Walhi Watch Group orĀ  Kablvision Sucks group where everyone with any news about these subjects can post…what are the implications?