Trending Topics Exposed

I remember a colleague coming up to me with pride in his voice, saying that we managed to get our event last night on the Trending Topic of Twitter. I applauded his enthusiasm but then asked him what did it mean for our company and the event? He couldn’t really explain, apart from saying that […]

What should Obama eat, wear, drink while in Indonesia?

Planning for the visit of the President of America is a big job and the folks at the US Embassy are asking for some help from Indonesians to suggest what local food he should consider eating while here, what color batik he should wear and what local drinks he should try. They are doing so […]

Parents, Sex Predators and Children on Facebook

Hurrah for the parents trying to protect their children from sex offenders on the Net. But the question that needs to be asked is: were the parents negligent in the first place in allowing their children to open Facebook accounts in the first place? Unspun‘s met many parents who speak with great pride of the […]

The Indonesian social media gold rush

Wrote this posting below for Talking Points. Tried detailing the development of Indonesia’s social media scene from about a decade ago until today when every huckster in town, their cousin and their dog, is repositioning themselves as social media experts and consultants. It is as if there’s a social media gold rush in Indonesia. All […]

Teachers are doing it for themselves – on the Net

How do you help increase the quality of education in Indonesia? Well, if you’re Citibank, (disclosure: they are our clients and we helped in this project) one way is to help set up a forum where teachers can help themselves, learn from each other and discus ideas. And this was what Citi did in conjunction […]

Facebook wars over KPK

Forget Mafia Wars. This is infinitely more gripping. Besides it’s a real conflict involving the institutions that have the whole nation agog over the past few days and easily accessible through your Facebook account. See how social media is being used — either in a concerted way by organizations or spontaneously by individuals — in […]

Losing Face

Update: PDI-P has reported the Say No to mega Facebook Page to the police. Check out the link here. All this is going to drive a lot of traffic to the Facebook page…. Forgive them Father Sukarno…they know what they do. ROFL Now let’s see how the new media strategists of our revered political leaders […]