Why Bjorka should worry the Government

The danger of hacker Bjorka to the Government lies not in the information he purportedly hacked and leaked. The danger comes from the reaction of Indonesian netizens to any news or posts about Bjorka’s antics. Bjorka Check out Twitter and other social media news feeds and typical reactions are support for Bjorka and criticism of... Continue Reading →

Deutsch the new Financial Times man for Indonesia

Here's a quick update for those observing the media scene in Indonesia: Anthony Deutsch has been appointed Jakarta Correspondent at the Financial Times and will take up the role on 8 March. Anthony was previously Bureau Chief of the Associated Press’s Indonesia and East Timor bureau. Looks like he beat out quite a few contestants... Continue Reading →

Who would be Financial Times’ new Indonesian correspondent?

JFCC members and foreign correspondent watchers might be interested in this development with the Financial Times vacancy in Indonesia. Who would be Financial Times’ new Indonesian correspondent?. January 7th, 2010 Back in October Financial Times Correspondent John Aglionby packed his bags and headed home to Ole Blighty for a position in the paper after living... Continue Reading →

Jakarta foreign correspondents question deportation of 2 journalists

Can someone do a favor for the Indonesian Police and buy them a copy of Dale Carniegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People? As if they do not have their hands full managing the ill will that is emanating from their bungling of the KPK investigations, the Indonesian Police just had to go out... Continue Reading →

Former WSJ Jakarta correspondent goes in for operation today

Tim who was the WSJ's correspondent based in jakarta till a few years ago goes in for hi second operation in Brussels today. Tim had his first operation in Singapore when doctors found a malignant tumor. The operation was a success and he relocated to Brussels. Now doctors have found another growth and Tim goes... Continue Reading →

Jakarta Post to launch RI

That's Reporting Indonesia, a book aboutn the paper's 25-year history. The Post will launch it at a party tomorrow. Unspun understands that the book is written by Reuters journalist Bill Tarrant and edited by Jeremy Wagstaff, whose Loose Wire column appears in many publications, among them The Wall Street Journal and The Jakarta Post. The... Continue Reading →

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