RIP Jakarta Globe (Printed Version) 2008-2015

The Jakarta Globe has been interesting to watch since its birth in 2008, beginning with an idealism to start a quality newspaper against a trend of dropping readership in printed dailies. Unspun was skeptical of the paper’s success from the start, a view that won him few friends in the startup paper then. But Unspun began to have […]

The JFCC, two Ministers and a lot to wonder about this week

Perhaps as part of the pre-Ramadan rush, the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club has been very busy this week with its media luncheons, where it invites a prominent speaker to address the crowd and field questions. On Monday it hosted Franky Sibarani, is the Chairman of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and today it hosted Trade […]

Connecting Deeper and soaring to great heights at the #APMF2014

Unspun had the privilege to be invited to attend and to speak at the Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF) 2014, a biennial gathering of creatives, advertising agencies, media houses, publishers and advertisers from huge brands. And what a privilege it was! It was what a convention is supposed to be – meticulous organisation, an eclectic […]

TIMPs are the new BRICs?

An intriguing piece by a Reuters columnist that posts the theory that BRICs have had their day and it is now the turn of the TIMPs – Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico , Philippines.     COLUMN-BRICs, move over. TIMPs are the new emerging market stars – RTRS 28-Mar-2013 19:30 (The author is a Reuters contributor. The […]

Indonesia and Malaysia Truly Garrulous?

Once again Rima Fauzi asks a very pertinent question. This time it’s over the Indonesia-Malaysia spat, triggered most recently by the Pendet dance. So what’s responsible for the noise between the neighbors? Malaysia’s thieving and disrespectful ways or Indonesia’s hypersensitivity? Indonesia vs. Malaysia: Why are Indonesians easily provoked? 09.03.09 | 1 Comment As a people, […]

APCO Indonesia in for some tough times from former boss?

The embattled office of APCO in Indonesia may be in for more tough times. Some time maybe as early as this week, said little birds to Unspun, APCO’s competitor in Indonesia Kiroyan Partners will announce a partnership with Vriens and Partners. Vriens Partners is headed by Hans Vriens, the suspender wearing, battered suitcase carrying former […]

Riyadi looking for journos for his new paper

Update: The paper is to be called Jakarta Globe and it would be housed at the Aston, the group of apartments/office space owned by Lippo and which houses Globe Asia. It is also confirmed by Joe Cochrane himself that he will be the Deputy Editor Having had a taste of the power and glory, real […]

How the Indonesian Government should treat Geert Wilders and YouTube

When you get down to the bottom of it, ironically, Geert Wilders wants the same thing as the most extreme of the Muslims he attacks in the film Fitna – the terrorists. The terrorist, according to Louise Richardson in her book What Terrorists Want, is motivated by the 3Rs- Reaction, Revenge, Reknown. The terrorist commits […]

Of sleeping leaders

As we all know and the Malaysian Government keeps telling us, it’s all the fault of Mahathir. For what? Whatever. The proof? See story below. If Mahathir had acted like SBY and, in his time, chastised upcoming leaders for sleeping on the job, the Barisan nasional would still be holding on to the two-thirds-majority, Malaysia […]