Physician heal thyself

If you are a PR practitioner, give yourself some good PR advice itself. And if you fail then you make spinmeisters of the rest of us.

Read the article below about how Burson-Marsteller’s CEO Mark Penn shamed his firm or of Edelman’s fiasco in Wal-Mart, which is now a classic story of what NOT to do in the blogosphere.

This is a cautionary tale of how big names in PR aren’t always better.

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The PR profession certainly isn’t immune to public misperceptions either, which is more than a tad ironic. Indeed, we are the proverbial shoemaker’s children when it comes to our own reputation management. Our public credibility gap has, sadly, only widened lately thanks to the headline-generating missteps, blunders, and ethical breaches of some high-profile practitioners. While these individuals may occupy corner offices, I am loathe to use the term “industry leader” to describe any of them for they have shown via their actions, words, or values that they do not represent the trail-blazing people in the PR industry who truly deserve professional respect and admiration.
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How the Indonesian Government should treat Geert Wilders and YouTube

When you get down to the bottom of it, ironically, Geert Wilders wants the same thing as the most extreme of the Muslims he attacks in the film Fitna – the terrorists.

The terrorist, according to Louise Richardson in her book What Terrorists Want, is motivated by the 3Rs- Reaction, Revenge, Reknown. The terrorist commits acts of terrorism precisely because he knows they will cause a reaction, they help him seek revenge for perceived slights and they would bring him reknown.

What Geert Wilders wants – and got – with his act of creative “terrorism” in releasing Fitna are

Revenge – This is not very clear but presumably Geert at some stage felt he and his ilk had been insulted by or been deprived of something important by Muslims and Fitna was his act of vengence.

Reknown -Before this episode Geert Wilders was just a third rate extremist politician with bad hair tucked away in a small country. Now he is known throughout the world.

Reaction – The game for terrorists is to provoke a harsh reaction on the part of governments and others to their act of terrorism. These reactions usually result in alienating them from their constituents.

So what do you do with the Geert Wilders of the world?

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Of sleeping leaders

As we all know and the Malaysian Government keeps telling us, it’s all the fault of Mahathir. For what? Whatever.

The proof? See story below. If Mahathir had acted like SBY and, in his time, chastised upcoming leaders for sleeping on the job, the Barisan nasional would still be holding on to the two-thirds-majority, Malaysia wouldn’t be in the shits and bloggers would not be in elected offices. It’s all the Mamak’s doing!

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Sleeping forum participant outrages President

Desy Nurhayati ,�
The Jakarta Post ,�
Jakarta � | �Wed, 04/09/2008 11:20 AM� | �Headlines

The most valuable lesson learned by regional leaders at a five-week workshop at the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) might not be on leadership at all, but how to withstand sleepiness.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was speaking before 86 participants of the forum consisting of mayors, regents and leaders of regional legislative councils on Tuesday when he spotted a participant falling asleep.

Yudhoyono paused his speech and told the attendants, while pointing to the participant: “Wake him up. Go outside if you want to sleep.”

“How could a leader fall asleep while I am talking about how to develop our nation? You should be ashamed of the people who have elected you their leader,” he said.

“Be serious with your responsibility. I’m ordering Lemhannas not to pass participants with bad attitudes even if they are highly intelligent.”

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What to do with an Anti-Blogger Government Expert

The blogging community in Indonesia is mighty pissed off over a certain Government expert and presidential advisor on technology who has been maligning bloggers as hackers and up to unsavory things.

Last night Minister for Information Muhammed Nuh met with bloggers and when asked what should be done about the so-called “expert” his advice was:

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“Saya kira komunitas blogger itu tak perlu distabilo. Sama sekali ndak ada niat kami untuk memusuhi. Kami justru ingin mendorong komunitas blogger sebagai pendorong dinamika baru, pencerahan masyarakat.

Kalau dirunut perjalanannya, di mana saya ikut terlibat, seperti yang pernah saya sampaikan pada Pesta Blogger 2007, saya bahkan mendorong blogger itu sebagai komunitas baru untuk menyebarkan fungsi pendidikan, pemberdayaan, dan memberi fungsi pencerahan masyarakat. Semua itu dikemas dalam bingkai membangun bangsa. Oleh sebab itu blogger itu part of our family.

“Ndak mungkin bapak menyembelih anaknya sendiri. Kalau ada kawan-kawan atau orang yang mengatakan bahwa blogger is our common enemy, ya harus dijawil. Saya kira nanti tugas kami yang akan menyampaikan bahwa ndak ada yg namanya musuh itu.

Kita justru membangun komunitas blogger ini bersama-sama.”

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Nuh also consulted bloggers about what the Government should do with the controversial Dutch documentary Fitna. Unspun‘s colleague Hanny, who was at the meeting last night, will be updating us on what was actually said between Nuh and the bloggers last night.

Unspun supposes it would be too much for Malaysian ministers to eat humble pie and give Nuh a call for some advise on how to get bloggers on their side?

The one Suharto analysis you should read

Unspun has not hig regard for the FEER but thinks highly of Jeremy Wagstaff, a former correspondent for the Asian Wall Street Journal and now a tech columnist, a blogger and an author to boot. In the analytical piece below you will see why.
Way before he reinvented himself into a tech columnist Jeremy was covering politics and the economy in Indonesia. He is one of the rare journalists Unspun knows who 1. can write well (most can’t, some even can’t spell or string two sentences together – they have copyeditors to do that for them) and 2. has enough empathy and intelligence to go below surface appeareances to tap into a nation’s psyche.The result is an article that captures the complexity of Suharto the man who came to lead a nation in waiting. Well done Jeremy and for heaven’s sake get that book on Suharto out soon.
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Remembering Suharto

Published by admin at 12:27 pm under History, Politics, Southeast Asia
by Jeremy WagstaffThe only time Suharto was seen crying was when his wife, Ibu Tien, died in 1996. As with most the key watersheds in the New Order, the moment is cloaked in mystery. But his tears told us more about the man than anything else he said or did in 31 years of being Indonesia’s president.

Some time between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Sunday, April 28, Ibu Tien had awoken. She slept alone: They had been married 48 years but in recent times had grown apart. She had grown tired of the trappings of power, and had watched as her children’s avarice destroyed the family and as her husband renege on promises to step down. The previous day she had visited her beloved horticultural garden outside Jakarta. None of her family was with her and, to those who accompanied her, it seemed as if she was saying goodbye.

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Some good news from Indonesia

Unspun thought it’s important to spread the good news coming out of Indonesia to balance the bad-usualy-terrorist-or-disaster-related news, and now news of Suharto’s death.Indonesia is about producing the world’s featherweight boxing champion too.
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AND STILL CHAMPION: World Boxing Association featherweight
champion Chris John of Indonesia is carried by his Australian
coach Craig Christian, while Chris’ opponent Roinet Caballero of
Panama sits in his corner. Chris defeated Caballero by TKO on
Saturday night. (JP/Ricky Yudhistira)

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Let’s dance!

First Unspun brought you the Rasa Sayang(e) controversy, now the Indang Sungai Garinggiang Fiasco?

Read on. The Antara article below was contributed by reader firdausj with the saying:

“Keledai-pun nggak mau jatuh jatuh dua kali di lobang yang sama” .. Hahahahaha…..

Read on:

Malaysia Kembali “Bajak” Lagu Daerah Indonesia di Osaka

Tokyo (ANTARA News) – Konsulat Jenderal RI di Osaka melayangkan surat protes kepada Direktur Malaysian Tourism Office di Osaka, menyusul penggunaan kembali lagu daerah Indonesia dalam acara Asia Festival 2007 yang berlangsung di Osaka pada pertengahan Oktober lalu.

Konsul Jenderal RI Pitono Purnomo mengemukakan hal itu kepada Antara di Tokyo, Kamis, ketika dikonfirmasi mengenai aksi “pembajakan” tersebut.

“Kami sudah mengirimkan surat protes kepada pihak Malaysia namun belum ada respon sama sekali dari mereka,” katanya.

Pihak Konsulat juga sudah melakukan koordinasi dengan pejabat Departemen Luar Negeri RI di Jakarta serta petinggi Departemen Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata, termasuk Kuasa Usaha Ad Interim KBRI Kuala Lumpur.

“Surat protes ini penting sebagai peringatan keras terhadap Malaysia agar tidak lagi sembarangan menggunakan lagu-lagu Indonesia. Kejadian ini nanti bisa diartikan negatif, misalnya seperti menantang Indonesia,” ujarnya.

Oleh sebab itu, katanya, pihak konsulat buru-buru mengirimkan surat peringatan agar Malaysia bisa menahan diri agar hubungan kedua bangsa menjadi semakin memburuk. Terlebih kedua negara merupakan tetangga yang dekat.

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