How the Indonesian Government should treat Geert Wilders and YouTube

When you get down to the bottom of it, ironically, Geert Wilders wants the same thing as the most extreme of the Muslims he attacks in the film Fitna – the terrorists. The terrorist, according to Louise Richardson in her book What Terrorists Want, is motivated by the 3Rs- Reaction, Revenge, Reknown. The terrorist commitsContinue reading “How the Indonesian Government should treat Geert Wilders and YouTube”

Of sleeping leaders

As we all know and the Malaysian Government keeps telling us, it’s all the fault of Mahathir. For what? Whatever. The proof? See story below. If Mahathir had acted like SBY and, in his time, chastised upcoming leaders for sleeping on the job, the Barisan nasional would still be holding on to the two-thirds-majority, MalaysiaContinue reading “Of sleeping leaders”

What to do with an Anti-Blogger Government Expert

The blogging community in Indonesia is mighty pissed off over a certain Government expert and presidential advisor on technology who has been maligning bloggers as hackers and up to unsavory things. Last night Minister for Information Muhammed Nuh met with bloggers and when asked what should be done about the so-called “expert” his advice was:Continue reading “What to do with an Anti-Blogger Government Expert”

The one Suharto analysis you should read

Unspun has not hig regard for the FEER but thinks highly of Jeremy Wagstaff, a former correspondent for the Asian Wall Street Journal and now a tech columnist, a blogger and an author to boot. In the analytical piece below you will see why. Way before he reinvented himself into a tech columnist Jeremy wasContinue reading “The one Suharto analysis you should read”

Some good news from Indonesia

Unspun thought it’s important to spread the good news coming out of Indonesia to balance the bad-usualy-terrorist-or-disaster-related news, and now news of Suharto’s death.Indonesia is about producing the world’s featherweight boxing champion too. clipped from AND STILL CHAMPION: World Boxing Association featherweight champion Chris John of Indonesia is carried by his Australian coach CraigContinue reading “Some good news from Indonesia”

Let’s dance!

First Unspun brought you the Rasa Sayang(e) controversy, now the Indang Sungai Garinggiang Fiasco? Read on. The Antara article below was contributed by reader firdausj with the saying: “Keledai-pun nggak mau jatuh jatuh dua kali di lobang yang sama” .. Hahahahaha….. Read on: —- Malaysia Kembali “Bajak” Lagu Daerah Indonesia di Osaka Tokyo (ANTARA News)Continue reading “Let’s dance!”

How Indonesian women are perceived?

Unspun has never been in a position to know women enough to presume to make pronouncements about them, Indonesian, or otherwise. Unspun is just content to admire.But others, such as Indcoup, are braver. Unspun wonders what Indonesian women have to say about his comments of them, some of which are clipped below: clipped from indcoup.blogspot.comContinue reading “How Indonesian women are perceived?”

Pesta Blogger now open to well wishers and contributors

With eight days to go to Pesta Blogger 2007 the Steering Committee has been inudated with inquiries from well wishers wanting to know if they might be able to make donations of gifts or cast to help make this event, the first ever large scale national gathering of bloggers, a success. Any company or individualContinue reading “Pesta Blogger now open to well wishers and contributors”

Pesta Blogger doubles number of participants

It is nine more days to Pesta Blogger 2007 at Blitz Megaplex and the Indonesian blogosphere is buzzing with anticipation.Response for the gathering, Indonesia’s first national gathering of bloggers, has been so overwhelming that the Steering Committee is now planning for double the number of participants from its original plan of 200. According to SteeringContinue reading “Pesta Blogger doubles number of participants”

Rasa this!

This (clip below) looks like another cultural time bomb for Malaysia.Perhaps the Malaysian government should just step aside, shut up and let Indonesia and and Malaysian bloggers set the relationship right. Malaysian Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan, on the off chance that you even even get debriefed on blogs, please see the posting Now to RasaContinue reading “Rasa this!”