Malaysian Tourism Minister on Rasa Sayang

Wading into the Rasa Sayang controversy is the Malaysian Minister that every blogger loves – to hate mostly, because of Tengku Adnan‘s infamous comment that all bloggers are liars and unemployed and that 80% of them are women.Unspun thinks that the root of the problem may lie in the different understandings of the word Malay.Continue reading “Malaysian Tourism Minister on Rasa Sayang”

Pesta Blogger registration starts tomorrow

Update: 12.55pm. Oct 5: It is nearly three hours since the registration opened and already there have been 72 bloggers who have registered to come to Pesta Blogger. So hurry, only 28 places left before registration closes. Unspun’s been told also that the Pesta Blogger is attracting a lot of attention from all quarters andContinue reading “Pesta Blogger registration starts tomorrow”

A tale of two rumpuns

Interesting to see the different reactions to the Rasa Sayang(e) controversy both in Malaysia (see comments here) and in Indonesia (see comments here). On both sides of the Straits we have nationalism come to the fore, good sense go out the window, fear and loathing of the other. But what should the real issue beContinue reading “A tale of two rumpuns”

Serumpun discord #2

Now, according to Koran Tempo, an NGO focusing on migrant labor, wants to report Malaysia to the UN Human Rights Council for the rape of Indonesian workers by a group of people from Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia. This is getting a bit worrying. All it takes is for someone to fan the flames of nationalismContinue reading “Serumpun discord #2”

Rasa not so sayang?

(Update: Unspun, uncharacteristically, did not go through the papers this morning. It appears that the problem is even more serious as the matter has been brought before parliament. This is an excerpt of a report from The Jakarta Post: The House on Monday urged an immediate response from the government to Malaysia’s use of theContinue reading “Rasa not so sayang?”

Pesta Blogger badges ready

The Pesta Blogger Steering Committee has prepared badges for participants and supporters. There are two versions, one that says you are going to Pesta Blogger 2007 and one that says you are supporting Pesta Blogger 2007.It comes in several colors per version so you can pick the color that suits your mood. The logo wasContinue reading “Pesta Blogger badges ready”

Pesta Blogger is under way!

Indonesia’s first large scale bloggers gathering is under way.The steering committee today held a press briefing to announce details of the gathering, Pesta Blogger, on October 27. They aim to attract 200 bloggers from throughout Indonesia and so far, judging from some of the comments in the site bloggers from Solo, Bandung, Yogjakarta and Kalimantan.Continue reading “Pesta Blogger is under way!”

Almost exposed!

Strange things happen, and of all people Unspun‘s been invited to moderate a session on Pamphlet Poetry at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, that opens this Tuesday and goes on till Monday week.For a moment Unspun was worried that the organizers had realized that Unspun was barely literate, let alone understand poetry beyond WalterContinue reading “Almost exposed!”

Malaysians chip in to compatriot in need

The Malaysia Club Jakarta has donated Rp 4 million to a Malaysian student who was admitted to hospital here after the 22-year old from Seremban suffered a stroke.His hospital bills are apparently quite massive so if anyone is able to helpĀ  Mohd. Hafidz please contact the Malaysia Club Jakarta through the link below. Also, itContinue reading “Malaysians chip in to compatriot in need”