Tone deaf, in a very black and white way

Comments that in most societies would leave the audience aghast get a laugh and applause in Indonesia. Even when a member of the audience is the President of Indonesia himself. PDIP Matriach Megawati, when addressing her party’s convention first took issue with Tukang Bakso (meatball vendors). She said she told her daughter Puan not to... Continue Reading →

Prolonging the death throes of a party

This in The Jakarta Globe online today: Taufik Kiemas, chief of the PDI-P’s consultative board, right, talking to Prabowo Subianto as chairwoman Megawati Sukarnoputri looks on at the party’s national meeting. (Antara Photo) Megawati Gets PDI-P Green Light The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle gave its chairwoman Megawati Sukarnoputri full power during its national leadership... Continue Reading →

Mega xenophobia/hypocrisy?

This, coming from a party that embraces Twittering and Facebooking? Which part of Indonesian culture do such social media practices crawl out from? (assuming, of course, that the Jakarta Post is accurate in its reporting) clipped from Indonesian too open to foreign culture: Mega - Pro The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Sun,... Continue Reading →

How to tell voters you don’t have your act together

Unspun supposes we all have to blame Oprah Winfrey. When she started Twittering, then it must be good for the masses and everyone should somehow Tweet as well. Perhaps it is for this reason, but maybe also because some young entrepreneurs saw a chance to milk the Indonesian Presidential candidates for some easy money, the... Continue Reading →

Foxy Obama-style New media campaign for SBY

What's with the name Fox and politicians? When Malaysian politicians wanted some help with their communications they turned to a company called Fox Communications (that was set up by some ex-journalists under the patronage of other ex-journalists). Now, with the Indonesian Presidential elections around the corner, SBY has turned to Fox Indonesia. The mission of... Continue Reading →

justified rap on knuckles or a threat on Press Freedom?

Update: has carried a story with a screen grab of the original Jakarta Globe story. It also questions why Okezone had retracted its story and issued an apology to SBY and his son when the story was balanced because Democrat party and presidential spokesperson Andi Mallarangeng had been asked about it and he had... Continue Reading →

Prabowo on why he’s engaging bloggers

Whatever you may think of the man's politics, human rights record or temperament, Presidential Candidate and Gerindra boss Prabowo seems to have taken his online initiatives seriously. His Facebook page, for instance, has more than 16,000 fans and he has a plethora of sites listed on it: He'd got... Continue Reading →

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