The Post prepares to strike back

The slumbering Dowager stirs. They competition is good and now that the Jakarta Post has had some real compeition from the Jakarta Globe, it is being stirred into action.

Unspun hears that the Post will undergo a design change and add on more pages, although unlikely to match the Globe‘s. It will also revamp its internet strategy, launching a blog. The timing for these initiatives is the beginning of next year.

If the Post manages to get their interactive up they are likely to beat the Globe, was was long on the talk about coming up with an interactive strategy but short on the walk to make it happen. makes you wonder what a group of self-professed professionals are doing about the inexcusable delay. (One journo suggested they fire the designer who was supposed to deliver but didn’t, but it sounds like too simple and direct a solution to Unspun).

Meanwhile Unspun hears that a few months into its operations and the Globe is already losing an editor.

So New Year maybe a New Post that may set the Globe spinning in a tizzy? Let the games begin.