Malaysian prince wins defamation suit against Manohara

The prince has won in a court of law in Malaysia but one wonders if this victory will carry any weight in the court of public opinion in Indonesia?


Manohara Odelia Pinot has said she was being abused by her husband. (Photo: Bagus Indahono, JG)

Manohara Loses Defamation Suit Brought by Malaysian Prince

A Malaysian prince won a defamation suit on Thursday against his teenage wife, Manohara Odelia Pinot, who accused him of sexual and physical abuse after she fled back home to Indonesia.

The High Court ruled in favour of Tengku Fakhry Ismail Petra, a prince in Malaysia’s northern Kelantan state, because his wife had no lawyers to represent her at the proceedings, according to the prince’s lawyer, Mohamad Haaziq Pillay.

The prince had sought 105 million Malaysian ringgit ($30.6 million) from Manohara and her mother for making false allegations against him, but the court will decide later how much they must pay, Mohamad Haaziq said.

The prince’s lawyer said they would look into what legal measures could be taken to obtain payment from Manohara. However, he stressed that Tengku Fakhry was more concerned about simply clearing his name.

“My client feels vindicated,” Mohamad Haaziq said.

“ They made him look like a monster, they tarnished his reputation internationally, but it has all been lies. This was their opportunity to come back to prove their case against him, but they failed to do so.”

Manohara’s lawyer in Jakarta could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Malaysian legal team hired by Manohara in the defamation case quit in September, saying she had not cooperated with them, gave them no clear instructions and refused to return to Malaysia for discussions. The High Court then said it would automatically rule in favor of the prince if Manohara failed to appoint new lawyers.

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Model Nation #21: Manohara’s exclusive interview

The Jakarta Globe has published a lengthy story based on an interview with Manohara in which she alleged that the Kelantan Prince abused her with a hot iron, a cigar and razor blades. Pretty serious allegations and reminiscent of what some Malaysians do to their domestic helpers.

At the same time the Globe also carried a story of the Prince refuting the allegations and filing a police report against Manohara and mummy.

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Manohara in Her Own Words

Manohara Odelia Pinot. (Photo: Yudhi Sukma Wijaya, JG)

Manohara Odelia Pinot. (Photo: Yudhi Sukma Wijaya, JG)

Manohara Odelia Pinot. (Photo: Yudhi Sukma Wijaya, JG)

Manohara Odelia Pinot. (Photo: Yudhi Sukma Wijaya, JG)

Sitting in a room in a hotel in South Jakarta is a 17-year-old girl who has travelled the world, married a prince and run away, and whose face is now famous across Indonesia. Her story is so extraordinary that it is hard to believe. Her fairytale-to-nightmare claims of a whirlwind marriage, kidnapping, abuse and escape have gripped the public, overshadowing the Ambalat row with Malaysia, upstaging the presidential election.
Used to the company of older men, a 16-year-old Manohara last August married the 30-year-old Tengku Temenggong Fakhry, a Kelantan prince. Two months later, she flew home complaining of abuse, then went back late last year. This February, she claims, she was abducted in a jet after a pilgrimage to Jeddah.
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Model Nation #20: To sue or not to sue Manohara, prince ponders

Unspun supposes how you separate the blue bloods from the unwashed masses is through one’s ability to contemplate when all hell is breaking looses.

hence, threatened by Manohara and Mommy’s accusations against him, photographic “proof” of torture and other allegations, the Kelantan Prince decides to contemplate suing Manohara and Mom.

Live and learn ye hoi polloi!

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Prince may take legal action against Manohara

KUALA LUMPUR: The Tengku Temenggong of Kelantan Tengku Mohamad Fakhry Sultan Ismail Petra is contemplating taking legal action against his Indonesian ex-model wife Manohara Odelia Pinot and her mother Daisy Farajina over allegations made against him.

The prince’s lawyer, Mohd Haziq Pillay, told a press conference yesterday that a police report was lodged at the Dang Wangi Police Headquarters yesterday afternoon.

However, he was tight-lipped about the contents of Tengku Mohamad Fakhry’s report.

“I think it suffices to say that a report has been made and we will let the police investigate the matter.”

Daisy, 44, and Manohara, 17, have been interviewed in various talk shows in Indonesia, repeating allegations of mistreatment that Manohara had suffered at the hands of her husband.

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Model Nation #19: Roy the Boy shows Mano’s “torture” photos

This keeps getting to be more like a circus each day.
Roy Suryo, the telematics expert who’s also an expert in just about anything involving lots of publicity for himself, has provided with photos allegedly showing the scars that Manohara Odelia Pinot obtained from her prince.
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Foto bergambar lebam di tangan Mano yang diambil pada 10 Maret 2009 pukul 22.01 WIB.
Rabu 10/06/2009 15:27 WIB

Foto News

Foto Penyiksaan Manohara
Fotografer – Novi Christiastuti Adiputri

Pakar telematika Roy Suryo menunjukan foto bukti penyiksaan terhadap Manohara di Hotel Santika, Jalan KS Tubun, Jakarta, Rabu (10/6/2009). Roy mengatakan foto-foto sayatan di tubuh Mano itu asli.

Foto Lain:

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  • Fotolain
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Model Nation #16: The privacy of Kings

This opens up interesting questions of what’s personal and what’s not.

If you are a prince, who get your pocket money from the state coffers, does that make you a public figure or a private citizen?

If the allegations against you are those of physical, sexual and mental torture and splashed all over the papers, does it mean that it is still a private matter?

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Manohara’s case with hubby a personal matter, says Kelantan palace

PETALING JAYA: The case between Kelantan prince Tengku Mohamad Fakhry Sultan Ismail Petra and his wife Manohara Odelia Pinot is a personal matter, the Kelantan palace said.

Manohara, a former model, who claimed she was ill-treated, has fled to her home country Indonesia.

The palace said in a statement that it was monitoring the developments, including the allegations made by Manohara.

“We are viewing the matter as a personal crisis between a husband and his wife which must be settled through the law,” said the statement signed by the palace coordinator Datuk Abdul Halim Hamad on Wednesday.

He said he had been directed to clarify that statements made by Mohd Soberi Shafii, a friend of Tengku Fakhry, were his (Mohd Soberi’s) personal view and not an official stand of the palace.

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Model Nation #5:Malaysian Press report sighting of Kelantan Prince, Manohara in public function

(For latest reportson the Prince and Manohara (June 1, 2009), go to Model Nation #14, #13, #12…)

As if making a public appearance to silence his critics, the Prince of Kelantan and Indonesian model Manohara, that he apparently kidnapped, showed up at a public function yesterday, the Malaysian Press reported.

The couple, the papers said, appeared happy,were holding hands, smiled at each other and even “posed for pictures with the wedding couple”.

And now, Unspun supposes, they’ll live happily after after…

Kelantan prince and Indonesian wife at wedding

A KELANTAN prince and his Indonesian model wife, who have been the subject of much discussion on the Internet, made a surprise appearance at the wedding of PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa’s son in Kota Baru on Saturday.

The Prince and Manohara...holding hands and smiling

The Malay dailies reported that Tengku Temenggong Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra, 31, and his wife, Cik Puan Temenggong Manohara Odelia Pinot, 17, appeared relaxed and smiling, and even posed for pictures with the wedding couple.

Happy: Tengku Muhammad Fakhry and Cik Puan Temenggong Manohara attending the wedding in Kampung Kota, Kota Baru on Saturday.

The prince, who was attired in black, and his wife, who was dressed in a pink baju kurung and matching selendang, were seen holding hands and smiling at each other.

The scene was in stark contrast to Indonesian news reports which quoted Manohara’s mother Daisy Farajina as saying that the prince had forcibly taken her away in a private jet in Saudi Arabia.

There have also been reports that the Indonesian model ran away from the prince due to abuse.

Mingguan Malaysia also reported that Manohara was seen attending two state functions in Kelantan.

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