Asinine Asshiddique backing instead of damning Daming

The law is bound to be an ass when its highest judges exhibit asinine behaviour. Here we have Jimly Asshiddiqie, the former head of Indonesia's Constitutional Court ,an institution that is supposed to exercise wisdom in the upholding and protection of Indonesia's most important document, its Constitution, saying: "It's part of  our culture to treat women inappropriately,"?  Jimly's... Continue Reading →

Onliners 1: Minister 0

Tifatul Sembiring made a debut as Indonesian Information Minister by courting bloggers. Two days after his appointment as minister he accept an impromptou invitation and showed up at Pesta Blogger 2009 to open the event. There he promised freedom of expression - with the usual caveat about responsibility. Since then he's been Twittering furiously and... Continue Reading →

Low hanging fruit?

The Indonesian Police Force must be so proud of themselves for bringing the bunch of boys below to justice. The boys had been illegally shining shoes and begging at the airport. Children prayer: Ten children, who were arrested for allegedly gambling at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, wear masks as they pray before standing trial at Tangerang... Continue Reading →

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